Another first for Yorkshire: Buzzing!

Yesterday saw another first for North Yorkshire: the world première of Buzzing!, my collection of images and poems in celebration of garden creepy crawlies.

Buzzing! poster

I performed my poems whilst the images (photos taken by me) were projected onto a large screen.

The performance, which also included musical interludes, lasted an hour – which I was very pleased about, as that’s how long it was supposed to last, only as we’d never had a full run-through before, I wasn’t sure how accurate my guestimate was actually going to turn out to be…  

After all the preparations for the event, it was very gratifying to hear the first chortlings from the audience when I started the ‘Dung fly’ poem, chortlings which continued on and off throughout the performance.

I was also very pleased that the identity of the mystery insects in our garden (see my October 28th post) had been confirmed just 2 days earlier by the Royal Horticultural Society in Wisley. That meant I was able to include my Berberis sawfly poem and photo in the performance – and to let everyone know they were looking at a first ever recorded sighting of said sawfly larvae in Yorkshire!

The icing on the cake came in the form of insect-shaped cookies that Marta had baked specially, which we all feasted on afterwards.

Marta’s Buzzing! insect biscuits, 29.10.06

Without Adrian’s technical assistance with projector, screen (and string), there would have been no images for anyone to see; and without Margaret’s initial invitation to perform and her subsequent inspiration, I would not have created the show I did. I thank them both enormously for their enthusiasm and commitment to this project.

Adrian, me and Margaret, 29.10.06

And I thank all those who came along and were so lavish in their praise at the end – and so keen to buy ‘the book’ and ‘the DVD’ – even though neither exist yet!

Special thanks to Anna, too, who presented me with a bouquet in celebration of my première!

Here’s to more performances to come … (And to ‘the book’ and ‘the DVD’!)


  1. We really enjoyed the performance, and hope to go to others in the near future.
    When will the DVD and book come out?

  2. What an amazing performance – we all loved it.
    Your talents never cease to amaze me – wonderful photos, clever and amusing poems which were read so well, with such fantastic accents. The bugs really came alive!

  3. A delightful insight into the secret world of garden creepy crawlies all brought to life through pictures, verse and music. From the chomping of the caterpillar to the leaping of the froghopper – I shall think of them quite differently following the “buzzing” experience.

  4. I was so inspired by the “Buzzing” event that I wrote this poem. Hope you like it:
    “Dear Anneliese Emmans Dean,
    You are indeed the “Buzzing” Queen.
    You certainly are “the ONE”,
    describing butterflies and DUNG
    Dear Anneliese Emmans Dean,
    your beautiful photos of insects,the good and the mean,
    Enthusing your audience to be keen
    to find out what resides in their gardens.
    Dear Anneliese Emmans Dean,
    endearing us all to creatures, often too small to be seen.
    Please continue with your special talent,
    your good work,
    your passionate research,
    So that creepy crawlies instilling us with fear,
    become something quite dear
    in all of our hearts.

  5. Buzzing was a rare treat! ‘Edutainment’ for all the family! Your poems and images deserve a wider audience. Now you’ve done Yorkshire can you get the rest of England buzzing?

  6. The BUZZING! calendar is a year-round reminder of the outstanding BUZZING! performance by Anneliese. I await the book/CD/DVD!!

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