Formal ID complete

The samples of Berberis I sent to the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh (see 1st November post) arrived safely, and have been formally identified by an expert in such matters there, Lawrence Springate:

“They are a purple-leaved cultivar of Berberis thunbergii DC., a species native to warm temperate (southern) Japan, though hardy in most of Britain. Most if not all of the Berberis host specimens I have seen have been this species, though Andrew Halstead has reported it on B. vulgaris L. as well, a europaean and possibly native  species.”

Berberis sawfly larva on our Berberis thunbergii DC, 2.11.06

So, there we have it. The berberis bush on which the Berberis sawfly larvae in our garden are feeding is a species they particularly like to feed on in Britain.

Find out more about Berberis sawflies (including photos of eggs, larvae and adults) here

Anneliese Emmans Dean –

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