St Piran’s School visit

I am looking forward very much to performing It’s Buzzing! at St Piran’s School in Maidenhead on Wednesday 28 February. I’m also looking forward to reading feedback from the pupils after the performance.

Poster for St Piran’s School performance

Anneliese Emmans

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  1. hi there

    Im the person who led you to the school office and letted you sign out.
    The poems were awasome. Espicially the charlie was the earth worm. Everyone in Year 5 is always singing that song and they make up a few too.
    I hope I can see you soon.
    Please reply back.


  2. Dear Manami

    Thank you very much for your message. I remember you very well. You led me through your school buildings to the office with great proficiency. I would have got completely lost without you!

    I’m pleased to hear that you enjoyed my poems. And that you liked Charlie best of all.

    I wish you much success with your poetry writing, and look forward to hearing from you again.

    Best wishes


  3. hi again

    I forgot to tell you that I’m quite into photography on animals. Can you give me some tips of how to actually take pics and edit them?


  4. Dear Manami

    I think you need three things to take good photos of animals:

    1. You need to be observant, always keeping an eye out for what is around you. You’ll find you’ll see things that other people just walk past without noticing.

    2. You have to practise. Take lots and lots and lots of photos. Look carefully at the photos you take to see which are the best, and think about how you could improve them even more.

    3. You need to be lucky! You can only take a great photo of an animal if it happens to be there!

    I’m assuming you will be taking your photos with a digital camera. If you want to photograph very small creatures like I do, then a camera with a ‘super-macro’ facility is good, as it means you can focus very close to the animal.

    As regards editing a photo once you’ve taken it, then Google has some software called ‘Picasa’ which you can download for free and which allows you to crop photos and edit them in other ways quite simply (see

    Hope this helps! And good luck with your photography!

    Best wishes


  5. Hi
    I really liked your performance. I liked Charlie the earthworm best. I think everyone did because we all sing it at school.

  6. Many thanks for your message, Kendra. I’m very pleased to hear you enjoyed the performance, and that you liked Charlie the best.

    Happy poetry writing!

    Best wishes


  7. hello I loved your poem and the picture of the insect.
    Is it possible that u can send me some picture of your bugs?

  8. hey again
    I really like poems but I am really bad at writing them!
    Can you give me some tips? Also where do you get the cameras with the realy good zoom and how much do they cost?
    Best Wishes

  9. Dear Prajive

    Thank you very much for your message. I’m pleased you enjoyed my poems and photos.

    If you want pictures of some of the bugs, then ask Mrs Howard-Vyse for a copy of the pdf of the St Piran’s It’s Buzzing! poster and programme. As you will know, these both have bug pictures on.

    Also, my 2007 calendar includes photos of a ladyird, a bee, a wasp, an earwig, a butterfly and the first berberis sawfly larvae ever seen in Yorkshire. You can see more about my calendar at

    Best wishes for your bug hunting!


  10. Dear Kendra

    My tips for writing poetry are these.

    Firstly, listen to and read lots of poetry you enjoy. That way you’ll absorb the rhythms, and they’ll start to become a natural part of you.

    My second tip is to not try too hard when you’re writing a poem. Thinking can often get in the way of writing a poem. I think the trick is to get in tune with how you feel, and let that come shining through into your poem.

    As to your question about cameras with super-macro lenses, well, you can find them on the internet or in shops. They can cost as little as about £30. Olympus make quite a few cameras with super-macro lenses.

    I hope this information is of use to you, and I wish you the very best of luck with your photography and your poetry writing.

    Best wishes


  11. A resounding success and as Manami and Kendra have both commented, I regularly hear “Charlie is an earthworm” as I walk round school. My favourites were Doug the slug, with his distinctive York accent and the 22 spot ladybird. How you remember all the words is a mystery and they are delivered with such speed and clarity. Not a single mistake!! Anyone wondering whether this would be suitable for their school should contact Anneliese without delay. The pupils (aged 9 to 12) were spellbound and their vocabulary most definitely enriched. Come back when you’ve written your next volume!

    Clare H-V, Head of Maths, St Piran’s School

  12. Hello

    I don’t think you would remember me as I think you’ve been to other schools. I have taken lots of pictures of animals and my brother helped me edit them and it looks very nice. Thanks for the tips.
    See you


  13. Dear Manami

    How lovely to hear from you! Yes, of course I remember you. You were very helpful to me when I came to visit your school. I’m very pleased to hear that you have been taking pictures of animals. If you’d like to send me one or two, I’d love to see them. My email address is

    Best wishes


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