World Premiere at St Nicholas Fields!

I shall be performing a brand new poem for the very first time this morning to Mr Green’s class from Archbishop of York’s CE Junior School, who will be at St Nicholas Fields Nature Reserve and Environment Centre for the day. I look forward to hearing what they think of the poem (and all the other poems and photos!). The new poem is called ‘Alex’, and it’s about a leafhopper.

How did I come to write this poem? Well, I took some photos of ladybirds in our garden on 8 March, and when I looked at these photos on my computer screen, I noticed that there was a small green blur in the corner of some of them. I looked more closely, and saw that it was a tiny insect, which I hadn’t noticed at all at the time.

So, I went back outside to the sage bush where I had taken the photos, and looked very closely. I had to look very, very closely before I spotted some of these insects – they are very small (about 3 mm long), and very sage green!

Leafhopper on sage in our garden

I took some photos and set about trying to identify them. For this I enlisted the help of Dr Dave Chesmore at the University of York. It was he who told me they were leafhoppers. I googled ‘leafhopper’ to find out more, and discovered some incredible things about these creatures (read leafhopper article). And that’s what inspired me to write the poem. I went to bed with the first 2 lines in my head, and woke up the next morning with the rest of the poem on its way. I hope Mr Green’s class enjoy it!

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