Ladybirds galore!

The sun came out today. So did the ladybirds. More ladybirds than I have ever seen before. All 7-spots. Everywhere I looked this afternoon, there were ladybirds.

ladybirds26307-4b.jpg  Ladybirds in Heslington, 26.3.07

On honeysuckle, on clematis, laurel, hawthorn, ivy, daffodils, brambles, beech hedging, on bits of wood, on the grass – even on some washing I hung up to dry. I saw well over 100 in a 20 metre radius from our house. Ladybirds by themselves; ladybirds mating (at least 20 pairs); ladybirds in groups of 3, 4 and more.

 ladybirds26307-3b.jpg  Ladybirds, ladybirds, Heslington 26.3.07

I’ve never seen so much ladybird activity. And I’m not the only one. My neighbours, young and not so young alike, are commenting on the sudden deluge of ladybirds. We shouldn’t have too much trouble with aphids on our roses this year!

Ladybirds in Heslington, 26.3.06

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