Spring firsts 2007

Ladybirds were not the only things the sun brought out today (see Ladybirds galore! post). I saw quite a few Spring firsts in the garden, including:

– My first hoverfly of the year.

First hoverfly of the year, 26.3.07

– My first queen wasp of the year (which I recorded at the Nature’s Calendar SpringWatch website). I think this is the first queen wasp I’ve ever seen. Or rather, the first time I knew I was looking at a queen wasp. I knew what it was because of an article I’d read in BBC Wildlife magazine.

– My first brimstone butterfly of the year – indeed, the first I’ve ever seen here.

– My first peacock butterfly of the year (which I also recorded at the Nature’s Calendar website). Usually this is the first butterfly we see see each year. But this year I saw a Red admiral first, back in February. And then a brimstone (see above) earlier today.

First peacock butterfly of the year, 26.3.07

One comment

  1. Fantastic! I’m a fair bit south of you so was lucky enough to see my first Brimstone on Jan 26th – and that was in my own garden too! That was also a first, normally I see them on a ridge of land nearby.

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