Queen Wasp

I saw my first queen wasp of the year on the laurel hedging at the back of our garden a week ago (26 March). I didn’t get the chance to take a good photo of it before it flew away.

This morning, though, I saw a queen wasp on the clematis in front of our house. This time I managed to photograph it a little better.

Queen wasp, 2 April 2007

It was a Common wasp (Vespula vulgaris), as you can see from the anchor mark on its face:

Queen common wasp, 2 April 2007

Last year we had 3 species of wasps nibbling away at our garden furniture (they chew the wood to a pulp and make their nest with it). These were: the Common wasp, the Red wasp (Vespula rufa) and the Median wasp (Dolichovespula media). I wonder which species we’ll have later this year, when the workers appear and start nibbling …

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