One down, three to go!

There are four insects on my photography ‘wish list’ for this year. And yesterday, I managed to photograph one of them! The four are:

– Brimstone butterfly (never managed to photograph)
– Damselfly (only have a fuzzy photo)
– Red-tailed bumblebee (never managed to get a very good photo)
– Tawny mining bee (never photographed at all).

And the one I managed to photograph yesterday was … the very beautiful Tawny mining bee!

Adrena fulva 11.4.07

I’m particularly pleased about this as I wrote a poem about a Tawny mining bee last year, and have been trying to get a photo of one, to go with the poem, ever since. 

As ever with insect photography, getting the photograph was not plain sailing. I had a near-miss last week when the first Tawny mining bee I’d seen this year landed on our patio. But it flew off as I was approaching it. So, no photo. Yesterday, though, there was one buzzing from flower to flower in next door’s garden, so I was able to spend quite some time chasing after it round and round the back flower bed. Success at last!

As to the poem I wrote … well, come along to a Buzzing! gig and hear it!


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