Michael Rosen and me – Exclusive!

Congratulations to the new children’s laureate, who was announced last week. It’s Michael Rosen, ‘best known for his collections of humorous verse for children’. Now, a lot of articles have been written about Michael Rosen in the press this week (for example, this one, and this one, and this one), but they’ve all missed one very important fact: when he was at school, he was taught by … my Mum and Dad!!

Yes, when Michael Rosen was doing his A-levels at Watford Grammar School, my Mum (Mrs Emmans) taught him French Literature, and my Dad (Mr Emmans) taught him French language.

And does Michael Rosen remember them? Yes he does! Read his reply to this post

But that’s not all. When my Mum was at school, Michael Rosen’s Dad taught her English!

And that’s not all either! Before Michael Rosen went to Watford Grammar School to do his A levels, he had been at Harrow Weald County Grammar School, which was the school where his Dad had taught and my Mum had been a pupil!

Here’s a picture of my Mum and Dad, Michael Rosen’s (and my!) former French teachers:

My Mum and Dad, teachers of Michael Rosen.

They must have a gift for inspiring people to grow up to write fun poems for children … given that that’s what I’ve done too!

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  1. Hello BigBuzz. Now, a big hello to you and to Mum and Dad. Very best wishes to you all. Thanks so much for this entry on your blog. I came across it while surfing for ‘Harrow Weald’!
    Yes, I have very fond memories of your parents. They were both excellent teachers, your Mum going for kindness, your Dad going for a kind of ironic cajoling.
    I spend a lot of time in France these days and I owe a lot to them both for the fact that I do pretty well with the language. Some of the best education I ever had was reading ‘Candide’ and ‘La Symphonie Pastorale’ with your parents. I didn’t do too well with Moliere (can’t find the grave accent, folks, sorry!) but loved ‘Les Mains Sales’ by Sartre which I saw in a production at the Almeida with Ken Cranham playing the old Communist. I thought of your Dad teaching us that as I watched it, though the old Commie resembled my Dad, not yours!
    I wish your parents and you the very best. And how nice to see a pic of them on your site.

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