Coming back for more!

Well, what greater compliment could I have? Three members of the audience at today’s Buzzing! performance at York Environment Centre (advertised in yesterday’s local paper) had been to the show before, and were coming again, bringing friends or family along with them. One such was John, who has just written to me to say he enjoyed it ‘even more’ second time around!

I was pleased John and his family came along too, because they were invaluable on the wildlife walk we went on round St Nick’s nature reserve after the show. Toby (who was 8 yesterday, and came to the show as a birthday treat!) and his brother Howard were very beady-eyed, and spotted lots of amazing creatures the rest of us would have missed.

Beady-eyed bug hunter, St Nick’s, 11.8.07

And their Dad John was very knowledgeable about what we found, and told us loads of fascinating facts about them.

We also had two Americans in our audience, here in York on holiday. They found out all sorts of things today that most other tourists to our fair city know nothing about! (And they also got to pick and eat some delicious blackberries that are ripening nicely at St Nick’s!)

Here are some of the things we found on our post-show wildlife walk …

A Cinnabar moth caterpillar (on its favourite food, ragwort):

Cinnabar moth caterpillar, St Nick’s nature reserve, 11.8.07

A grasshopper (on John’s finger):

Grasshopper on John’s finger, St Nick’s, 11.8.07

A centipede (in one of his sons’ hand):

A centipede, St Nick’s, 11.8.07

A hoverfly (I think!) (spotted by birthday boy Toby):

Hoverfly, St Nick’s, 11.8.07

We’re now looking forward to Dr Dave Chesmore’s moth night at St Nick’s on September 15th, to see if he’ll find any adult cinnabar moths. They are every bit as dramatic in appearance as the caterpillars! Why not come along too? More info. at the St Nick’s website.

Meanwhile thank you to all the people at St Nick’s – especially Ivana – who made today’s show possible.


  1. Thanks Anneliese, I did enjoy it more because it was lovely to see my family’s reaction. My wife Gill loved it, thinks you are very talented. I liked the way that you’ve done the powerpoint (?) slideshow presentation with funny shapes revealing the images too, a nice touch.
    It was good to see another performer doing their routine, as a performer myself, I always take an interest in how others present info/ideas, how they use props/technology etc. You’re really good at what you do, very expressive.
    I’ll book you for next year’s York Green Festival!
    The boys enjoyed the nature walk a lot, and they probably see more stuff because they’re closer to the ground than us grown-ups!!!
    yours, John

  2. Really excellent Anneliese, the photography, music, and how you got your tongue round all the descriptions of the little creatures I just don’t know. I think I enjoyed this even more than the first performance.

    I had no idea there was such a lot of land at St. Nick’s and an amazing conservation area just on the edge of York. Next time I visit Hazel Court with some rubbish I shall remember the lovely peaceful spaces that lie just over the fence.

    Keep on BUZZING!

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