Composting congratulations!

Congratulations to Mrs Finn’s class at Archbishop of York’s CE Junior School, who gave the world premiere of the primary school version of Compost: the (mini-)Musical today! I taught them the musical last Tuesday, and they have spent the week practising it so they could perform it in front of the whole school in assembly today.

Their performance was greeted with great applause from all the pupils and staff. And rightly so, as they did fantastically well. And not only did they entertain the rest of the school, but they educated them too. After the show, Mrs Finn asked the pupils in the audience key questions about what you can and can’t put in a compost bin. And the pupils came up with all the right answers! So, Mrs Finn’s class are very good teachers!

Her pupils are going to perform the musical again – with an extra song I’ve just written – at their Harvest Festival celebrations coming up soon. So then parents will have the chance to be entertained and to find out all about composting too.

Read Compost! Thank You letters from pupils

Thanks to Dr Wannop, Archbishop of York’s school has a composting scheme in action, so pupils who are members of Gardening Club were able to go and see composting in action that very day.

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