What a weekend!

Two Buzzing! gigs in two days! And – for the first time ever – with live music specially composed for the show by John Rayson, and a live Berberis sawfly larva too!

John Rayson at the Ilkley Literature Festival

Here are some photos from the gigs we did as part of Apple Day at St Nicholas Fields (York Environment Centre) in York, and the Ilkley Literature Festival fringe:

John Rayson rehearsing at St Nick’s
John Rayson rehearsing for our St Nick’s gig

Rehearsing for our St Nick’s Apple Day gig
The Buzzing! team: John, Adrian and me rehearsing at St Nick’s

At our St Nick’s Apple Day performance
Me after the St Nick’s Apple Day performance

Keely and Neil videoing our St Nick’s show
John with Keely and Neil, who videoed the show

Professor Fiddlesticks and a bee at St Nick’s Apple Day
Professor Fiddlesticks at Apple Day

The Apple Pudding competition at St Nick’s
Entrants for the Apple Pudding Competition (including a delicious pie baked by my mum!)

John Rayson and I on stage at Ilkley
With John Rayson on stage at the Ilkley Literature Festival

Brunhilde von Buxtehude, a Berberis sawfly larva from our garden (and her poo)
Brunhilde von Buxtehude, a Berberis sawfly larva from the Berberis bush in our garden. (Note prodigious amount of poo-ing that has been going on.) Brunhilde came on tour with us this weekend (having turned up in my garden the previous week), and so members of the audience were able to see a live sample of my world-first insect discovery. (To find out more about my world-first insect discovery, click here.)

The Ilkley gig went so well that we over-ran our allotted time slot. Blame the audience – they were clapping too much!

Read audience feedback from our Ilkley Literature Festival Fringe appearance.

Huge thanks to everyone involved in making the two shows go so well. Especially to Keely and Neil for all things camcorder-y, and Adrian, for his chauffering services to Ilkley and back.

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