Loads more harlequin ladybirds in York …

Since I saw my first harlequin ladybirds in York on 23 October, I’ve been hearing of them sighted all over York. Friends have seen them in the last 3 weeks or so in Kilburn Road, Scarcroft Road, St Nicholas Fields off Melrosegate … I came home to find one in our back garden in Heslington recently; my husband went to visit friends in Windmill Lane, only to find their (white) front door swarming with them. And last week, on 8 November, I spotted my first harlequin larva (a larva in November!!) on my husband’s coat when we came in from a walk. (Ladybird expert Paul Mabbott kindly confirmed for me that it was a harlequin larva.)

My first harlequin ladybird larva, 8 November 2007

I’ve had a very interesting – if somewhat depressing – comment to my blog about harlequins from Bill Grange, who until recently worked in the Natural History Section of Derby Museum. Bill also sent me a link to a fascinating article he wrote about the arrival of harlequins in the Derby area in 2005. Well worth a read. Read article

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