World Premiere of Go M.A.D.! eco-musical

The pupils of Archbishop of York’s Junior School in York had a Global Awareness Week last week. I wrote them an eco-musical for the occasion, called Go M.A.D.! (Make A Difference). It’s about how we can all help prevent climate change by reducing our carbon footprint.
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I spent Wednesday teaching the musical to Year 6 (Miss Minnit’s class and Ms Woolgar’s class). On Friday afternoon the children performed it as part of their Global Awareness Week Assembly.

Loudspeaker Listen to a clip (mp3)

World Premiere of Go MAD, 22 February 2008

They received great applause from the rest of the school, and the many parents who had come along too. Congratulations to both classes and their teachers for learning and performing a whole musical in such a short time!

The Assembly also included a fashion show of outfits the children had made during the week from ‘rubbish’. Here is one of the fabulous outfits they created and modelled:

Freddy at the Global Awareness Week fashion show, 22 Feb. 08

After the assembly, Denise Hall from the Energy Efficiency Advice Service in York was on hand to give everyone practical advice about how they can make their homes more energy efficient. She was giving out free energy-saving lightbulbs to people who signed up to reduce their energy usage at home, and telling them about grants that are available for loft and cavity wall insulation.

Denise Hall from the Energy Efficiency Advice Service

All in all the children learnt a great deal about they could help prevent climate change by reducing their carbon footprint. I take my hat off to all the pupils, teachers and parents involved in putting on such a great learning experience. And I thank Mr Green for having invited me to be part of it.

Kiera-Mae from Year 6 wrote a beautiful poem which summed up the theme of the week. Here it is:

Transport and litter
Sour and bitter
Wildlife and water
Should be saved they oughta
So let’s stop all pollution
And let’s save life extinction
If we work as a team
We’ll give the earth a clean
And stop climate change.

Anneliese Emmans

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