Rhyme Time Ramble

Hurray! It didn’t rain today! So the Very Young Friends of West Bank Park in York and I were able to go on our ‘Rhyme Time Ramble through the Woods’. (The last time we had tried to go on a Rhyme Time Ramble, the weather was so terrible that the council shut the park!)

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After we’d done our Warm Up Rhyme, we greeted Queen Victoria:

Queen Victoria in West Bank Park, York

Then we wiggly wormed into the wood:

Wiggly Worming into the wood

The children – all pre-school – were very observant in the wood. They found worms, and a snail, and a spider’s web, amongst other fascinating things:

Finding interesting creatures on our Rhyme Time Ramble

So I performed a worm poem, and a snail poem, and a spider poem for them. Amongst other poems …

Then when we got to the Story Tree, she let us have a Rhyme Time Story. Here the children are, listening to my Rhyme Time Story:

Rhyme Time Story at the Story Tree

Thank you to all the children and their mums/grandmas/carers who came today. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as I did. What bits did you like best?

Thank you too to Catherine, for organising the event in the first place!

Organiser, Catherine

I now look forward to my next Rhyme Time Ramble. I wonder where that will be …

Anneliese Emmans Deaninfo@theBigBuzz.biz

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  1. I am more reticent than some other people who are 3 and 3/4, I like to digest things more slowly, like some creepy-crawlies which gobble down a huge meal than hide away to eat it later. So I did not wriggly-worm into the woods, or bow to Queen Victoria, and I made very sure my mum did not see that I really wanted to. I did think it was a very good idea to give presents to the Story Tree so she would let us have a story and I gave her a nice feather. I put it very carefully in her roots. Since the Rhyme Time Ramble I have since been thinking a lot about birds and asking my mum what kinds they are; it is very disappointing that she does not always know. She is very bad at looking at the right time. Ollie and Ed and Sam were the ones who helped Anneliese find most things on the Rhyme Time Ramble. Ollie wishes there could be one every week. My baby brother Paddy still likes the Flubba Dubba Dubba rhyme best. My favourite is Charlie is an Earthworm, I know all the words.

    Thank you Anneliese

    love Conor XOX

  2. We enjoyed the rhyme time ramble a lot and it was Oliver’s first time attending thanks to a gap in his social calendar. Anneliese is ‘fantastic’ and ‘great’ (Oliver’s mummy has never before seen him quite so utterly besotted with a person). We were very pleased to be able to pick Rhyme Time Ribbons from Anneliese’s basket and to sing ‘flubba dubba dubba’. When we considered noises that we might hear in the woods Oliver was impressed with his suggestion of ‘a tree falling down’ and now lives in anticipation of this occurrence. Tabitha enjoyed finding a present for the story tree and was glad that she had agreed to provide us with a story. We are looking forward to the next time we can join Anneliese on an adventure.

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