Scarcroft School visit

The Reception and Year 1 classes at Scarcroft Primary School in York were Buzzing! this morning, when I went to perform my minibeast show for them.

It was a great pleasure to visit Scarcroft School, on several counts.

Firstly, it was an architechtural pleasure. Scarcroft is one of the schools in York designed by ‘the Yorkshire Lutyens’, Walter Brierley. Built in 1896, it is considered his ‘masterpiece’, and though I have driven past almost it all my life, I had never been inside before.

Scarcroft School

Secondly, it was a personal pleasure, as the Head, Mrs Anna Cornhill, and I were at school together in York. So I was very pleased to catch up with her.

Thirdly, it was an educational pleasure, as the children were very enthusiastic, and told me all about the minibeasts they had seen in their gardens and houses and allotments. They also showed me the Painted Lady caterpillers they had in their classroom, which they were watching develop. And they also showed me the fantastic snails that they had recently made. Take a look at these. Aren’t they wonderful?

Scarcroft Snails

Scarcroft Snail

Thank you to the staff – including Mrs Cornhill, Karen Frizzell, Mrs Mason, Miss Bond and Mrs Woodhouse – and to the pupils for welcoming me so warmly to their school.

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