Compost Awareness Week – 08

York Fiesta, 3 May 2008

Mrs Finn’s Year 4 class at Archbishop of York’s Junior School are having a busy National Compost Awareness week this year. On Saturday, as part of York Fiesta, they performed my musical ‘Compost! The (mini-)musical’ in bright sunshine in York town centre, to a crowd of enthusiastic onlookers.

York Fiesta Compost! performance

York Rotters were on hand with a stand to advise people about how to start composting, or to improve their composting further. Before the performance, Rotter John Cossham (the man in the white t-shirt in the photo above) came and gave the children a pep talk, which included balancing one of their drum beaters on his nose! (John also masquerades as juggler Professor Fiddlesticks.)

Then today, Dougie Weake of Radio York turned up at Archbishop of York’s Junior School to record the children singing some of the musical, and to interview some of us:

Dougie Weake at Archbishop of York\'s Junior School

We’re all looking forward to hearing the piece on Radio York tomorrow!

Dougie Weake from Radio York interviewing me

 Listen to the Radio York interview


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