Schools Out Compost Crew

Congratulations to the West Bank Park Compost Crew, who arrived at the park in York on Wednesday morning as a disparate group of 6 to 9-year-olds, and by Thursday lunchtime had become transformed into a fully trained Compost Crew, performing my ‘Compost! The (mini-)Musical‘ with great gusto to crowds of onlookers! Oh, and they also became media superstars, with The Press on hand to take their photo, which appeared in today’s paper.

The photos below show how that transformation took place, over the course of two mornings, all outdoors in the park.

Schools Out May 08, 1

Schools Out Compost, May 08, 5

Schools Out Compost, May 08, 4

Schools Out Compost, May 08, 6

I am indebted to The Green Man (aka Stephen Whittaker from City of York Council, Parks and Open Spaces), Dr Rotter (aka Catherine Bamford from York Rotters) and The Bog Lady (aka Catherine Heinemeyer – with Bog Baby and Compost Crew Mascot Conor in tow – from the Friends of West Bank Park) for bringing their expertise and enthusiasm along and helping me to train our Compost Crew. I’m also very grateful to Gail from WRAP, for ensuring we had the right compost bins in the right place at the right time!

Two of the compost bins the children decorated and used in their musical have gone into immediate service, one in the park café and one in Pine Trees, just next to the park. So, the children have already made a big difference to making the world a cleaner, greener place. What a great thing to have achieved in their school holiday! Well done Compost Crew!

To find out more – and order your Compost! The (mini-)Musical Teaching Pack – click here

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