Well done Word Wizards!

Congratulations to the highly talented Word Wizards of Ledbury and surroundings, who came along to my Word Wizard Workshop in the centre of beautiful Ledbury, in Herefordshire, last week.

These Year 5 and 6 children had been specially chosen to come along as they had shown themselves to be particularly talented with words. And so they were! They created great poems, some of which may be published in an anthology next year …

Many thanks to Fran Bradley, Coordinator of the Ledbury Poetry Festival ‘Poets in Schools’ scheme, for inviting me to come back to Ledbury and work with these children. Her help before, during and after the workshops was invaluable.

Coordinator of the Ledbury Poetry Festival 'Poets in Schools' scheme
Coordinator of the Ledbury Poetry Festival

I first met Fran in July of this year, when she introduced our Buzzing! show at the Ledbury Poetry Festival. What an inspiring and dedicated lady she is, and how lucky the children of Ledbury and surroundings are to have her working to bring poetry and poets into their lives.

So, the question is: were my workshops a success? Well, here’s what Mrs Allard of the wonderfully named Much Marcle C of E Primary School thought:

‘A fabulous afternoon. The children loved it! You sparked their creative juices. Thank you so much.’

And what did Fran think of the workshops?

‘The schools were treated to a fantastic experience, as your approach was instructive, entertaining and totally inspiring. Quite an achievement … A memorable experience for the students.’

A memorable experience for me too. Thank you to all – children, staff, parents, Ledbury Poetry Festival staff – for making it happen.

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