Buzzing! CD gets musical stings

New for 2009: my acclaimed Buzzing! CD (a National Insect Week recommended resource) has been re-issued – with music! John Rayson, who plays music in my live Buzzing! shows, has created mini  ‘sting’ versions of his pieces specially for the CD.

loudspeakerListen to a musical sting

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‘Your Buzzing! CD is wonderful. We put it on in the office when someone needs cheering up. ‘Dung fly’ is a particular favourite!’
Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Bumblebee Conservation Trust logo
Bumblebee Conservation Trust logo
Anneliese's Buzzing! CD booklet cover
Anneliese’s Buzzing! CD booklet cover

The stings make a great addition to my Buzzing! CD, which contains 63 of my fun minibeast poems.

My Buzzing! CD is an all-round local product. I photographed the minibeasts in my garden in York, wrote the poems here too and recorded them in York at Cube Media (with John Greatwood, the sound engineer for the band ‘Elliot Minor’, no less!) The tray inserts are printed in York, and John Rayson recorded his stings at Diminished Studios in York. Sound engineer Lee Hutchinson (see below) at BH Media in York inserted the stings into the Buzzing! CD, which was duplicated over in Bradford, just a hop skip and a jump away.

Sound engineer Lee adding musical stings to Buzzing! at bh media in York
Sound engineer Lee adding musical stings to Buzzing! at bh media in York

Find out more about the live Buzzing! show here.

Buy your copy of my Buzzing! CD here.

John Rayson has also recorded the full versions of his Buzzing! pieces, available on his ‘Arachnophobia’ CD. They are also available as sheet music for you to play yourself. (Find out more)

Anneliese Emmans Dean info@theBigBuzz.biz

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