2009 in Rhyme

I was invited by John Taylor to put on a Christmas show at one of my favourite places in York – King’s Manor. And so it was that on Thursday night I performed ‘2009 in Rhyme’ there – a recap of the year’s events in poems.

At King's Manor, York, with John Taylor and guest
At King’s Manor, York, with John Taylor and guest

View a video clip of the show

I performed poems on a wide range of topics, including the inauguration of President Obama, the international financial crisis, Sir Fred Goodwin’s pension, bankers’ bonuses, our first female poet laureate (see my poems, commissioned by the BBC, on this topic), the lack of ‘mature’ women on the telly, and the new world record for the number of text messages sent and received in one month.

You can get a flavour of the show by listening to the clip below. It’s ‘Last Orders‘, my poem about MPs’ expenses, which I first performed on the Today programme on Radio 4 in May.

What did the audience make of the show?



So, there you have it!

Many thanks to everyone for their warm welcome, and for the refreshments afterwards.

STOP PRESS! It turns out the show also included a prize-winning limerick – find out more!

STOP PRESS AGAIN! A live recording of this ‘2009 in Rhyme’ show is now available on CD. Find out more!

Find out more about my Rhymes of the Times shows

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