More Rotten Brownies!

Thank you to the Brownies of Heslington, York, for the beautiful flowers they presented to me and Catherine Bamford (of York Rotters). What a lovely surprise!

Catherine and I had spent two sessions with these Brownies, teaching them Compost! The (mini-)Musical – which they went on to perform fabulously in Heslington Church to an audience who braved the cold and the dark to be there.

Afterwards the Brownies played Catherine’s ‘Sort It’ game. In the process they proved to us all just how much they’d learned about disposing of rubbish by recycling and composting rather than sending it to landfill.

And here we have some more Brownies learning and performing ‘Compost! The (mini-)Musical – and becoming media stars to boot!

Copmanthorpe Brownies in the York Press, 22.1.10
Copmanthorpe Brownies learning Compost! The (mini-)Musical, Jan.2010

These are Brownies from Copmanthorpe, whose learning of the musical before Christmas was interrupted by floods, which meant that Catherine and I were unable to reach them!

However, the waters had subsided by January, and we made it back to Copmanthorpe to finish off teaching the Brownies the musical, and attend their enthusiastic performance.

Congratulations to all the Brownies involved in these performances in Heslington and in Copmanthorpe. And many thanks to them and their leaders for hosting us.

If you’d like to teach Compost! The (mini-)Musical to your Brownies, Cubs, Scouts, Guides, pupils … then check out the Compost! The (mini-)Musical‘ Teaching Pack with Resource CD, which provides you with all the info. you need to put on a great performance.
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And if you fancy coming on a course to find out how to teach ‘Compost! The (mini-)Musical‘, then sign up for the ‘Making a Song and Dance about Compost!’ CPD day at the Arboretum at Castle Howard near York on Friday 7 May.
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Anneliese Emmans
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