UK Songwriting Contest 2010

Well, you can’t win ’em all, but I was quite chuffed to discover I was a semi-finalist in the prestigious UK Songwriting Contest. Especially as it was the first songwriting competition I’d ever entered.

The UK Songwriting Contest is, and I quote, ‘an international contest that invites entries from all parts of the world and it is the favourite songwriting event of many writers from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Asia and Europe.’

I was a semi-finalist in the Lyrics category, for my entry ‘This is it’. These lyrics were inspired by the life – and death – of Michael Jackson.

I went to see the film ‘This is it‘, which is about the rehearsals for what was to have been Michael Jackson’s world tour of the same title.

It was so inspiring to see such musical talent. And so sad to think that it had been snuffed out so swiftly and prematurely.

A lesson to us all, I thought. And so my song was born …

My song is about Michael Jackson. But it’s also about the important contribution each and every one of us makes during our short stay on the planet.

It would be great to hear it sung over the airwaves one day …

As it happens, this is the second song I have written inspired by Michael Jackson. The first one was very different in tone. It was commissioned by the acclaimed early music vocal group The Clerks for their Clerks Songbook, and was premiered at Kings Place in London last August. Find out more!

Meanwhile, I got to hear both of my eco-musicals performed this week! ‘Go MAD!‘ (A global warming warning) was performed by pupils at Lord Deramore’s Primary School as part of their science week, and ‘Compost! The (mini-)Musical‘ was performed by Brownies at York Carnival!

Find out more about my BigBuzz eco-musicals

Anneliese Emmans

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