Tour de France 2010 (in verse)

Have you been following the Tour de France this year? It’s gone something like this:

Chain Reaction

It’s neck and neck, neck and neck

Between Contador and Andy Schleck

A few seconds more, a few seconds more

Between Andy Schleck and Contador

High in the mountains, a random mech-

anical problem delays Andy Schleck

What is the unwritten Tour de France law?

Stop and wait, Contador?

Andale, andale, what the heck

Alberto has to beat Andy Schleck

Into the time trial, can we be sure

The better trialist is Contador?

Out on the road at the first time check

Just 2 seconds separate him from Schleck

Hear the crowd cheer, hear the crowd roar

For Andy Schleck and Contador

Too close to call, what do you reck-

on? Who’ll be the victor, the Spaniard or Schleck?

And … here comes the winner of this year’s Tour

By 39 seconds, it’s Contador.

by Anneliese Emmans Dean,


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