First Kindle book – Rhymes of the Times 2010

Maybe you missed my Rhymes of the Times show last Saturday (described by one audience member as ‘Electrifying!’) Maybe you were there but want to savour the poems at your leisure. Well, either way,  Rhymes of the Times 2010 is now available for you to read on Kindle!

No Kindle? No problem! You can also read it on your PC, your iPhone, your Android phone, your Mac, your iPad or your iPod Touch – just by downloading the free software available at Amazon (Click here and scroll down to find the ‘Read books on your computer or other mobile devices’ links on the right-hand side.)

Rhymes of the Times 2010 - Cover
Rhymes of the Times 2010, available now for Kindle

Rhymes of the Times 2010 whisks you through the events of 2010 in lively satirical poems – including some you heard first on Radio 2, Radio 4 and the BBC World Service.

From the British General Election to the football World Cup, from the Icelandic ash cloud to the launch of the iPad, from women bishops to our awful weather – all these and more are included in poems to amuse, provoke and entertain you.

All this for an introductory price of just £4.99. Go on – treat yourself!

Anneliese Emmans

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