‘A brilliant day’ in Spalding

‘A brilliant day’ was how Sally Harrison, manager of the South Holland Centre in Lincolnshire described our Buzzing! visit to Spalding last Saturday, 6 August.

Buzzing! in Spalding, as reported in the Spalding Guardian
Buzzing! in Spalding, as reported in the Spalding Guardian (click to read the whole article)

John Rayson and I performed our Buzzing! show to an enthusiastic audience at the South Holland Centre, after which I led a Millipedes Galore workshop in the beautiful nearby Ayscoughfee Gardens. (Read all about it)

Children and grown-ups alike proved themselves very adept at being a millipede (see photo above) and at making up a poem and at finding all sorts of minibeasts, including hoverflies, woodlice, ants, worms, butterflies and lots and lots of 7-spot ladybirds.

When I left, one little girl asked her parents when she could come to a Buzzing! show again. Mission accomplished!

Thank you to all the staff at the South Holland Centre for making John and me so welcome. And thank you to the parents and children who accompanied me back to the South Holland Centre after the workshop, and for pointing me in the direction of the station!

To put on a Buzzing! day where you are, contact me, Anneliese Emmans Dean


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