Intrepid Acomb Brownies!

Well, I’ll say this for Acomb Brownies and their families: they’re intrepid! Last Wednesday night they braved snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures to come to Acomb Methodist Church in York to continue learning, and then to perform, my award-winning eco-musical Compost! The (mini-)Musical.

Delightful weather conditions in York, February 2012
Delightful weather conditions in York, February 2012

The Brownies gave a stonking performance of the musical, and were rewarded with very warm applause from the – intrepid – audience. Have a listen to the finale:

When asked what she thought the best thing had been about learning and performing Compost! The (mini-)Musical, one Brownie frowned deeply then said: ‘Everything!’

Excellent news! Let’s hope that once the snow melts, there’ll be lots more composting going on in Acomb …

Acomb Brownies perform Compost! The (Mini-)Musical, February 2012
Acomb Brownies rehearsing Compost! The (Mini-)Musical, February 2012

Meanwhile, a big ‘Thank You’ to Rachel Bell from York Rotters for her invaluable assistance over the two visits we made to Acomb. And thank you lots to the Brownies for their lovely – compostable! – present, which was most unexpected, and much appreciated.

If you’d like to learn and perform Compost! The (mini-)Musical where you are, you can buy a Teaching Pack which includes everything you need to put on a successful performance (find out more).

Alternatively, contact me to arrange for me to come and teach it to your group.

Compost! The (mini-)Musical Teaching Pack
Compost! The (mini-)Musical Teaching Pack

Anneliese Emmans Dean –

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