The hunt for the perfect Buzzing! subtitle


There’s great excitement here as my Buzzing! book is due to be published next month (April 2012).

Buzzing! - my book, due to be published in April 2012, with over 179 colour photos and 67 edu-taining poems!
My Buzzing! book, due to be published in April 2012, with around 180 colour photos and 67 edu-taining minibeast poems!

It’s in full colour,  includes eight years’ worth of my photos, 160 pages, loads and loads and loads of my poems and plenty of factabulous facts.

But there’s just one thing we’ve yet to decide on: the subtitle!

My publishers, Brambleby Books, and I have come up with three subtitle options:

1. ‘A bug book with a difference’

2. ‘Discover the poetry in garden minibeasts’

3. ‘Minibeast verse, visuals and vital statistics’.

But we haven’t been able to decide which of these is best.

So, I decided to ask the people who really count: children! And I’ve had some great feedback and ideas from them. As you’re about to see (and hear) …

On World Book Day I was performing my Buzzing! show at Le Cateau Primary School in North Yorkshire. So, I decided to ask the children there what they thought my subtitle should be:

A pretty categorical result for subtitle number 2 there, from an audience of primary children who’d just watched my live Buzzing! show.

However, not everyone I asked agreed.

Freddy and Henry in York, for example, preferred ‘Minibeast verse, visuals and vital statistics’.  But Katharine in York said this was too wordy. She preferred ‘A bug book with a difference’.

When Mrs Bryant asked her pupils at Hornby St Margaret’s CE Primary School in Lancashire, they didn’t like any of the three subtitles my publishers and I had come up with. Instead, the pupils  suggested some fabulous subtitles of their own, which they then voted on. The subtitle the boys liked best was:

‘Minibeasts and much more …’

Whereas the girls’ favourite one was:

‘Step into the garden of twisting and twirling creatures’ (which I personally think is fab!)

Mrs Bryant’s favourite was:

‘The book of poems buzzing with bugs’.

Grown-ups I asked were equally divided – and inspired. Catherine in York categorically ruled out ‘Minibeast verse, visuals and vital statistics’, and suggested instead:

‘Bugs in their own words‘.

Charles in foreign parts suggested:

‘Chapter and verse on (small) animals with (big) attitude’.

Bob and Jenny sugested a whole raft of options, including:

‘Who lives in your garden?’

and ‘ ‘Discover the secrets in your garden’.

Their suggestions were very similar to Debra’s niece’s suggestions from over the Pennines in Lancashire. She is a big fan of my Buzzing! CD, and she  suggested:

‘What’s lurking in your garden?’

and  ‘Discover the secret world of minibeasts’.

So, what have I learnt from this extensive consultation exercise? Simple: that the more people you ask, the more different (and imaginative) answers you get!!

A very big Thank You to everyone who took part and put their very creative thinking caps on to help me come up with the perfect subtitle to my Buzzing! book. All your input was very much appreciated!

Now all I’ve got to do is make a decision! (Unless anyone else out there has any more suggestions …)

Anneliese Emmans Dean –

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