Askrigg antics

Yesterday my husband Mike valiantly drove through blinding sunshine, buffeting wind, pouring rain, occasional outbursts of hail, a smattering of sleet and a flock of sheep to deliver me to Askrigg Primary School in the stunning Yorkshire Dales. And it was well worth the journey. For starters, this school is definitely a top contender for my 2013 ‘Best View from a Staffroom’ award. Take a look at this:

The view from Askrigg Primary School staffroom
The view from the staffroom at Askrigg Primary School in the Yorkshire Dales

And what was going on inside the school was very uplifting too. And, on occasion, distinctly menacing – take a look at this ferocious shark that Class 1 had made:

The shark made by Class 1 at Askrigg Primary School
The shark made by Class 1 at Askrigg Primary School

As the school is currently learning about Raging Rivers, I themed my Buzzing! show and follow-on workshops around minibeasts that live in and near rivers. And they include, of course, the wonderful ‘Jewel of York’, the Tansy beetle, that only lives on the banks of our River Ouse.

Class 2 created some fabulous new riverside mini- (and maxi!)beasts from their imaginations, and Class 1 came with me on an imaginary Rhyme Time Ramble by the River, during which they created a glorious Spring soundscape.

A lunchtime Buzzing! book signing was the icing on the day’s cake.

Thank you to all 30 children at the school and to the staff for making me so welcome. And to Sheila Silvester, the School Library Adviser for North Yorkshire County Council, for setting up the visit.

What did the school think of my visit? Here’s one answer:

‘A great day was had by all! Anneliese inspired the children with fun rhymes and facts. Her book will be treasured forever!’ Matthew Armstrong, Y1/Y2 teacher

By the way, you may know that the Tour de France will be coming through the Yorkshire Dales in 2014. Cyclists: you’ve got a treat in store! (But watch out for stray sheep round blind bends!)

Anneliese Emmans – Bringing poetry to life

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