Ribbon cutting at Elvington Primary School

I have done many jobs in my time, from shop assistant to translator for the High Court in London, but last Thursday I added another string to my bow: I became a Ribbon Cutter! Yes, I had the enormous privilege of cutting the ribbon to formally open the new wing of classrooms and library at Elvington Primary School – as you can see in the article from The Press below:

Article from The Press, 5 March 2013
Article from The Press, 5 March 2013

The pupils of Elvington Primary School are extraordinarily lucky to have such a fabulous new block to learn in. I visited their school when they had a couple of Portakabins as classrooms instead, and this new building is so much better! It even has underfloor heating – so I was able to teach an entire lesson in my stocking feet! Deliciously warm! (And the good news is that where the Portakabins used to be, the children are going to have a wonderful garden where they’ll grow fruit and veg! F.A.B.!)

To celebrate the fact that the new block includes a library, I wrote a poem specially for the children to perform in praise of their ‘brilliant, brand new library’. Class 4 gave the world premiere performance of this poem as part of the opening ceremony in front of the whole school and lots of grown-ups who’d come specially for the ceremony. I’m pleased to say that the children did my poem proud!

Thank you to Head Teacher Mrs Rogers for inviting me to take part in such a special day at Elvington Primary School, and thank you to all the staff and pupils for for making me so welcome. I won’t forget the day I became a Ribbon Cutter in a hurry!

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