Happy 40th Birthday River Foss Society

I first performed a version of my Buzzing! show for the River Foss Society three years ago. I was thrilled when they invited me back to provide the entertainment for their 40th Birthday Party celebrations last Tuesday. Thrilled, and not a little daunted. This was a very special occasion, after all ….

River Foss Society website

So, how did it go? Well, according to the River Foss Society website:

‘we were treated to a first class entertainment by “the soon to be very famous” Anneliese who gave a delightful, and very poetic, presentation on those tiny bugs “Buzzing by the River”, the River, of course, being the Foss. We were close to forming a new society at one stage which would have been devoted to loving the bluebottle. You had to be there to experience Anneliese turning a perfect evening into a special event, appropriate for a 40th anniversary. Roll on the 50th, all of us would like her back then, if not before.’

River Foss Society website 2

Phew! It seems to have gone OK. Not only that, but one of the members present at the event, Jan Claxton, wrote this wonderful poem as a Thank You:

You know how to please
With your expertise.
Your poetic flow
Of the facts you know
A riveting show.
Actress enthralling
Insects your calling
Buzzing and crawling.
Belle photographie
Of creatures so wee
Was wondrous to see.
Thank you for coming
You were just stunning.
How fabulous is that?! What a wonderful Thank You present!
Not only does The River Foss Society do sterling work, it is also made up of the nicest bunch of people you could wish to meet here in York. If you’re the slightest bit interested in the river Foss and/or in walking and/or in matters ecological, I thoroughly recommend you think about joining them. Check out their website to find out more.
Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to their 50th Birthday Party! I think a Flying High! show all about birds might be just the ticket for that …
Thank you to all at the River Foss Society for making me so welcome last week, and for letting me be part of your celebrations. (Delicious cake, by the way!)

Anneliese Emmans Dean www.theBigBuzz.biz – Bringing Poetry to Life

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