York Authors launches

Do you know who writes what in York? No, neither did I. Which is one of the main reasons I came up with the idea of York Authors. And last Friday York Authors held its official launch, at Waterstones in Ousegate, York.

Anneliese Emmans Dean launching York Authors, in Waterstones, York. 11 October 2013
Anneliese Emmans Dean launching York Authors, in Waterstones, York. 11 October 2013

Little did I think as a Saturday girl in the 1980s at Songs and Stories, a book shop-cum-record exchange just off Ouse Bridge in York, that I would one day be standing in a crowded Waterstones, surrounded by fellow authors and book readers, launching a group championing published writers in York.

Want to know who these authors are? Here are some photos of us taken at our launch event (by members Alan Gillott and Carole Bromley):

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If you missed the event and would like to find yourself a good read written in York, check out my handiwork, the York Authors website. As I had suspected, there are loads of talented people writing books in York – and now there’s an easy way to find these books and contact their authors.

At the York Authors website you’ll find non-fiction and fiction books, poetry and plays, books for grown-ups and books for kids, books set in York and books set further afield. All written by authors living here in York. There are samples for you to read and links to help you buy the books online.

If you’d like to buy the books in person, Ken Spelman bookshop in Micklegate, York, now has a special section of books by York Authors. And you’ll find our books scattered through Waterstones too.

Many of us are available to come and talk to local book groups, libraries etc. Just check out our profile pages at the Who’s Who section of the York Authors website.

And you can follow us on Twitter @YorkAuthors.

Thank you to everyone who made the York Authors launch such a success. And to all the York Authors who have been contributing their time and expertise to help get our organisation up and running, and put us on the cultural map of York.

Anneliese Emmans Deanwww.theBigBuzz.biz – Bringing poetry to life

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