Hey Hey Hay!

So, three days after performing my Buzzing! show at the Hay Festival I was back there, this time to take part in a recording of the BBC Radio 4 programme ‘Shared Planet’.

Listen to the programme

Now it’s one thing to be performing my own show, but quite another to be sandwiched between host Monty Don and special correspondent Kelvin Boot on one side, and esteemed fellow panellists Professor Ralph Pite of Bristol University and Guardian journalist and natural history author Patrick Barkham on the other. (Which might explain why it looks as if I’m praying in the photo below!)

Recording Shared Planet at the Hay Festival
Recording Shared Planet at the Hay Festival (Photo by Mark Avery)

This episode of ‘Shared Planet’ was entitled ‘Nature and the Written Word’, and was recorded in front of a live audience in the BBC Tent at the Hay Festival. (If you listen to the programme, you may hear some thudding from the music tent next door!)

The day goes down in history for me as the day I took my first ever ‘selfie’! (Yes, I have emerged into the 21st century!) However, as you can see below, I think my selfie technique has a way to go yet. (Making sure my finger isn’t obscuring the lens might be a very good start!)

My first attempt at a selfie!
My first attempt at a selfie!

The image you were supposed to see in the background was this:

The BBC tent at the Hay Festival
The BBC tent at the Hay Festival, where we recorded our episode of  ‘Shared Planet’ (plus sundry thudding from the tent next door!)

So, all in all a most memorable day, topped off by my meeting Mark Avery, who knows everything there is to know about Passenger Pigeons – and a lot more besides. A very interesting chap, and a very good chauffeur too! (Mark was a panellist in the ‘Shared Planet’ episode recorded straight after mine at the Festival.)

And guess what! It had stopped raining in Hay by the time I was back for the BBC recording, and oh …

Hay *not* in the rain!
The Hay Festival *not* in the rain!

… what a beautiful place Hay is in the sunshine!

Hay in the evening sunshine
Hay in the evening sunshine

Listen to ‘Shared Planet’

Anneliese Emmans Dean – theBigBuzz – Bringing Poetry to Life



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