Here comes the bride …

Well now, it’s one thing to create and perform a show at the Oxford Playhouse, but quite another to be commissioned to write and perform a poem for someone’s wedding. What an honour. But what a responsibility!

Mandy and Geoff commissioned me to write a poem to be performed as part of their wedding ceremony, which took place in York last Saturday. And as I sat in the Register Office waiting for the ceremony to begin, I felt the weight of that responsibility very keenly.

You see, neither Mandy nor Geoff had seen the poem beforehand. We’d all agreed that it would be a surprise for them. And I hoped with all my heart that it would be a good surprise!

My poem had had to be vetted in advance by the Register Office, and I had been relieved when I heard that it had cleared that hurdle. But would it pass the most important test of all: would the bride and groom approve?

Mandy and Geoff wed in York
Mandy and Geoff wed in York

And the answer is ….? Well, here’s a snippet of their email to me afterwards:

‘Thank you SO VERY MUCH from the bottom of our hearts for your fantastic poem/tribute!!!!’

I’d like to publicly thank Mandy and Geoff for entrusting me with such a crucial part of their most special day. And I’d like to wish them all the very very best for their future life together.

Anneliese Emmans Dean – – Bringing poetry to life

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