‘The very best in children’s literature’

How lovely to come home from my holiday and discover that my book Buzzing! had been nominated for another award! That’s exactly what happened yesterday, when I received an email from the North Somerset Teachers’ Book Award informing me that Buzzing! had been longlisted in their Poetry Books category, alongside the likes of TS Eliot, John Hegley and Grace Nichols.

North Somerset Teachers' Book Award website screenshot

My publishers, Brambleby Books, were particularly pleased to learn that I had been nominated for this award as they themselves are based in Somerset.

As part of the award process the organisers wrote a review of Buzzing!, which I was particularly gratified to read as it highlighted many of the features of the book that I had hoped would appeal to readers in general and teachers in particular.

I’ll let you read the review in full yourself (and admire the beautifully taken photo of my book), but here are some lines that jumped out at me:

‘Never have minibeasts been more appealing than in this book!’

‘As you read [the poems], you find yourself getting into the rhythm of the lines and wanting to read aloud.’

‘Another strength of this book is the fact that it encourages the reader to find out more’

‘A great resource for livening up lessons on life processes and living things!’

‘Fun to use as a cross curricular resource or for performance poetry!’

The shortlist for the award will be announced in September. So, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed till then. Meanwhile, here’s a screenshot of the poetry books that have been selected for the award:

Poetry books nominated for the North Somerset Teachers' Book Award

You can find out more about the North Somerset Teachers’ Book Award here. If you scroll down to the foot of the page you’ll see fabulous drawings of the judging team, which will put a smile on your face.

Happy reading, judges!

Anneliese Emmans Dean www.theBigBuzz.biz – Bringing poetry to life 


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