Birdfair 2018

Well now, Birdfair (the birding equivalent of Glastonbury) was … epic! I’m just back home after my first visit there (though the fair itself was celebrating its 30th year). I divided my time over the three-day event between the Brambleby Books stand (here I am with fellow Brambleby authors Edward Giles (l) and John Lee (r)) …

The Brambleby Books stand at Birdfair 2018

… and the Wild Zone, a newly created area for children, where I performed my Flying High! show on each day of the fair.

The newly created Wild Zone at Birdfair 2018

Here’s a snippet of the Flying High! show I put on there. It’s my Mistle Thrush poem, ‘Incubation, Incubation, Incubation’.

When I arrived back home, Mark Avery asked me to write a guest post about my experiences for his blog. So rather than repeat myself here, might I direct you to his blog, and to the article I wrote about this extraordinary event there? You can find it here.

I mention in the article what a vast array of interesting people I met at Birdfair. These included lovely children …

… a couple of the photographers whose photos are included in Flying High! – Mandy West, and Linda Martin (seen below with her Blackbird photo that begins the Spring section of the book) …

With photographer Linda Martin

… grown-ups whom I performed poems for at the Brambleby Books stand …

… and men dressed up as Storks! (For a very good reason – as you’ll find out in my Mark Avery guest blog post.)

Part of the delegation from Toyooka in Japan, here to show a fabulously inspiring film about the reintroduction of Storks to their area

A huge thank you to Nicola and Hugh of Brambleby Books for working like troopers to create (and subsequently dismantle) their welcoming stand at Birdfair and for inviting me to spend time with them there. Their special Birdfair discount offers continue on their website until the end of August! You can find them here.

Nicola and Hugh Loxdale of Brambleby Books

Part of Birdfair’s mission each year is to raise funds for a conservation project. This year’s project is the creation of Argentina’s largest National Park, which will provide a haven for nearly half a million flamingos. I wonder how much they raised. And I wonder if I’ll be back there next year …

Anneliese Emmans Dean – theBigBuzz – Bringing poetry to life



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