Pucker for pollinators

Any idea where this is in York?

Or this?

This help you at all?

The Plant Pavilion in the Artists' Garden behind York Art Gallery

Well the answer is, it’s the new Plant Pavillion installation in the Artists’ Garden, at the back of York Art Gallery.

And in blissful sunshine last Saturday afternoon, that’s where I took children and their accompanying grown-ups exploring, through laughter, rhythm and rhyme.

We marched across the grass as ants, explored the plants in the Pavillion as butterflies and bees, and turned ourselves into a Bird Orchestra. Oh, and there was chatting with different-coloured Snapdragons too, and ladybird and hoverfly spotting, and, and, and …!

This was an event I was putting on as part of a series of free events happening around the Plant Pavillion, organised by St Nicks, in advance of York Mediale – at which point the site will be turned into a Pollinarium. ‘What is a Pollinarium?’ I hear you ask! Well now:

“The Pollinarium is a project by Loop.pH, a spatial laboratory that creates art installations around the world with an ecological and environmental theme. The Pollinarium itself, which is a huge inflatable structure, will be installed in September, but before that, a team of artists and volunteers have created the timber plant pavillion which houses hundreds of pots of local flowering plants to attract insects.”

Find out more here.Further Plant Pavillion events in the Artists’ Garden (put on by various people) include:

8 September – Bees, Butterflies and More!

12 September – Seed Collecting and Grow Your Own Wildflowers

15 September – Pollinator Crafts

19 September – Night-time Safari

22 September – Converge at The Plant Pavillion

26 September – Dusk Bird Walk

They are all free, so pop along to any that take your fancy.

Thank you to Jonathan Dent of St Nicks for joining in so gamely with my event, and for sharing with us all his expert knowledge about the Pavillion (which he – and his volunteers – has populated with plants).

It’s a fabulous structure in one of my favourite places in York. I’d thoroughly recommend checking it out when next you’re in town!

Anneliese Emmans Dean – theBigBuzz – Bringing poetry to life

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