Arboreal serendipity

One of the pleasures of being a Patron of St Nicks, my local nature reserve and centre for green living, is that I get asked to ‘say a few words’ on significant occasions. The latest such occasion was this year’s AGM, held a couple of weeks ago, on 15 September. (Remember the date. It’s important later on!)

This wasn’t any old AGM. It was our 20th birthday AGM! Take a look at some of the amazing work done at St Nicks over the last year, as highlighted at the meeting:(You can find out more by reading the full Annual Report here.)

After the official AGM business was concluded, we moved on to the highlight of the day: a visit by Alex Metcalf of the Tree Listening Project. Alex has developed special equipment that was going to let us actually listen to trees at St Nicks!

But before that, I was going to say my ‘few words’. What ‘few words’, I had wondered, would be suitable to introduce the topic of listening to trees?

Cut to some three weeks earlier, when I had bought a book from The Emma Press called ‘Postcard Stories’, by Jan Carson. This book does what it says on the tin – it’s a fabulous collection of tiny stories, each originally written on the back of a postcard. Jan had written one postcard story each day for a year. This volume is a selection of them, one story for each week of the year.

I had chosen to buy this book at random. Or so I thought. But have a listen to one of the stories I found there, and see what you think …

(N.B. This is an excerpt from the 15 September story. You can read how it ends in Jan Carson’s book.)

Meanwhile, where do you stand on coincidences …?

Anneliese Emmans Dean – – Bringing poetry to life

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