Photography Staff Training

You don’t need me to tell you how important photos are to organisations nowadays, what with Twitter, Instagram, facebook etc. And a wee guiding hand can make a big difference to the photos your staff take. As my recent photography workshop at St Nicks here in York shows.

Esther, the Projects Assistant at St Nicks, contacted me to say they were looking for ‘a creative and interactive photography session’ for their staff and volunteers. Whilst some of them were already confident photographers, they all wanted the opportunity chance to generally upskill and ‘share and gain tips and hints.’ Does that sound like where you work too?

I dug a bit deeper, and discovered they were wanting to take pictures mainly of:

  • People – their volunteers and participants
  • Wildlife
  • Events – both indoors and outside
  • Landscapes – in particular to show the difference their work has made.

Armed with that information, I put together one of my photography workshops for them, and delivered it at St Nicks last week.  We viewed the workshop as a bit of a skills share, so everyone present felt comfortable contributing their tips and know-how too.

My photography workshops are a mixture of hands-on, hand-outs and PowerPoint. Some participants came with their phone, others had a camera. I had cameras to give out too.

It was a beautiful frosty morning, which gave us plenty of opportunities to go out after my initial session and take fabulous photos. Here is a selection of the photos the participants took. (The collage was put together by Esther after my visit.)

Did I deliver? Afterwards Esther emailed to say:

‘It was all that I wanted and far, far more. I really valued the content and your approach – I basically doubled my knowledge in the first half hour alone. I was really surprised at how quickly we all got into a wonderfully creative space, with piles of tips and learning too – and I find myself seeing with different eyes as I walk around York, snapping away. Having chatted with staff, it was very much appreciated by others too – we are delighted at the results already!’

And St Nicks posted on facebook:

‘We had huge fun last week when she shared her photo taking tips and hints with us, and has certainly raised our game enormously.’

And I’ve heard back since that the workshop has also helped staff be able to better choose which photos to use on their social media.

All very gratifying.

If you think the staff at your organisation could benefit from one of my half-day photography workshops, then just get in touch. (Oh, and I put on photography workshops for schools and individuals too, in case you’re interested!)

Anneliese Emmans Dean – theBigBuzz – Bringing poetry to life

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