Festive Make & Take

What would you wish for if you were granted three wishes this Christmas? It’s something we explored in our storytelling sessions last weekend. (Spoiler alert: it involved a GIANT sausage!)

Yes, it’s that time of year again … time for the Tang Hall Big Local Festive Make & Take! One of my favourite events of the year. And I had the great good fortune to be invited back to do some storytelling there last weekend.

All set up, awaiting the start of the Festive Make & Take

I say I was doing the storytelling – really, we were all storytelling, anyone who happened to enter our magical storytelling room. (As you’ll see from this post from a previous Festive Make & Take, the children of Tang Hall are very creative!)

The Festive Make & Take offers a plethora of free crafty activities for the whole family in the main hall, plus delicious food from Joe Fennerty and his team from Food Circle. Check out the photos here. They give you a glimpse of what happens when a community comes together creatively. Just look at all these smiles (and artistic concentration)!

In a room all of my own, the storytelling happened. This year the children who bobbed in created highly decorated animal masks and became creatures with magical powers, including being able to become completely invisible.

Grown-ups, toddlers, children and even the odd teenager or two joined in with the stories that crossed continents and ages, and included finger puppets, masks, a myriorama and … the aforementioned GIANT sausage.

Children telling me about the magical powers of their creature at the Festive Make & Take. Photo by Elly Ross

The Festive Make & Take is such an uplifting, joyous event. I particularly love the sense of community there, seeing the same faces come to the storytelling each year, along with plenty of new ones (some brand new, i.e. very young babies!)

Thank you to the wonderful Tang Hall Big Local for inviting me back, and to all the people who came along and shared their imaginations with us.

Steven Collins, the ever helpful and good-humoured Tang Hall Community Centre manager!

Anneliese Emmans Dean – theBigBuzz – Bringing poetry to life

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