Lockdown Nature 25: Chiffchaffs

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I walked out of the Portakabin where I’d had my COVID jab on Wednesday, to be serenaded by a Chiffchaff. ‘Serenaded’ might not be the right word, given its call. ‘Accosted’ perhaps. Either way, it made me smile and lifted my heart, as the Chiffchaff is a real herald of Spring here in England. It flies all the way from north Africa or southern Europe and is one of the first migrant visitors to arrive. And this year, when getting through the winter in lockdown has been so tough for so many, their arrival is all the more welcome.

And they seem to have arrived here in profusion. Every walk I go on, every time a poke my nose out into the garden, I am accompanied by singing Chiffchaffs.

Here is my Chiffchaff poem for you – in which you’ll hear the Chiffchaffs where we are. I made a version of this video this time last year when we had just been placed into our first lockdown. Over the course of that, and subsequent lockdowns, my videoing has got a little better, so I thought it worth remaking this one in a slightly more polished form. (I’ll leave a link to the first video below, so you can compare and contrast, if you wish!)

Enjoy the video/s, and enjoy being serenaded/accosted/accompanied by singing Chiffchaffs this Spring.

(You can view the first lockdown version of this video, filmed in March 2020, here.)

 I’d love to see your performance of this Chiffchaff poem! Share it on Twitter @theBigBuzzNews, on facebook or email it to me (theBigBuzz@gmail.com).

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Cover of my Flying High! book

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