Quick: Buzzing! sale – 50% off!

Quick – time to grab your copy of my award-winning book Buzzing! at a mere £5! That’s the cheapest the book has ever been! It’s part of my publisher, Brambleby Books’ Black Friday 50% off weekend sale – which ends tonight (Sunday 27 Nov 2016).

Buy your copy here – while stocks last!

A perfect present for any nature-loving/giggle-loving/rhyme-loving primary children (and all young-at-heart grown-ups too!) And the perfect antidote to  nature deficiency disorder!


Whilst you’re at Brambleby’s site, check out the discounts on their other great natural history books too!

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York Authors at York Literature Festival

York Authors had a pop-up bookstall at York Literature Festival yesterday. And up popped Ruby to help us along:

Ruby at the York Authors pop-up bookstall at York Literature Festival 2014

Ruby at the York Authors pop-up bookstall at York Literature Festival 2014

We had a fabulous selection of books by over 20 York Authors for sale, many at special discounts.

We had a very successful day, selling novels, poetry and kids’ books.

Not only was Ruby a very helpful sandwich board, leaflet-distributor and sticker writer, she also, it turns out, has a very discerning taste in books. This is the one she picked out for herself yesterday:

Ruby chooses my book Buzzing!

Ruby chooses my book Buzzing!

I hope everyone who bought a book from us yesterday is now enjoying their ‘good read written in York’.

Look out for our next pop-up stall – details to follow …

Meanwhile, thank you to Miles Salter of York Literature Festival for letting us have our pop-up stall yesterday, and to the Friargate Theatre for hosting us.

By the way, there are loads more great events happening this week at York Literature Festival. Perhaps I’ll see you at one of them …

Oh, and if you’d like us to host a pop-up York Authors bookstall where you are, let us know. We’re at: info@yorkauthors.co.uk

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The Press reviews Buzzing!

I don’t often appear on the same web page as Sir Tom Jones. OK, so I’ve never (knowingly) appeared on the same web page as Tom Jones. But today I did just that –  on the home page of  The Press’s website!

Sir Tom Jones and me - on the same web page! (The Press, www.yorkpress.co.uk, 29 September 2012)

Sir Tom Jones and me – on the same web page! (The Press, http://www.yorkpress.co.uk, 29 September 2012)

Granted, reproduced at this size it’s difficult to spot that I do actually appear on that page. (No, I’m not the blond in the pink sky-heels.) How’s about the screen grab below instead (which was from further up The Press’s home page)?

The Press home page is Buzzing! www.yorkpress.co.uk, 29  September 2012

The Press home page is Buzzing! http://www.yorkpress.co.uk, 29 September 2012

The reason for my appearing there is that The Press has reviewed my Buzzing! book today. In fact, the centrefold of their printed edition is a fabulous spread devoted to the book, how I came to create it, and the photos, poems and information it includes.

This was the first print review I’d seen of Buzzing!, so I was not a little nervous. But Stephen Lewis of The Press has done me and the book proud. ‘It’s a beauty’, he writes.

You can read the whole of his article, with accompanying photos, here.

Many thanks to Stephen Lewis for his kind – and amusing – words about Buzzing!  And to Nigel Holland for his photo of me.

As the article mentions, I’ll be signing copies of Buzzing!, and performing poems from it, at Rowntree Park Reading Café next Saturday 6 October. Find out more here.

Meanwhile, the Reading Café has a copy of Buzzing! you can peruse over your coffee.

Or, of course, you can buy a copy here.

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Rowntree Park Reading Café

Have you visited the Reading Café at Rowntree Park in York yet? If not, I thoroughly recommend it – and not just because you can peruse a copy of my Buzzing! book there!

My Buzzing! book on display in the Rowntree Park Reading Cafe, York, September 2012

My Buzzing! book on display in the Rowntree Park Reading Cafe, York, September 2012

The Reading Café is a City of York libraries initiative, and it only opened in July. It claims to be the first such initiative in the country – and what a great idea it is! As you can see from the photo above, it’s beautifully decked out and teeming with books for all ages. You can either read the books whilst you’re sipping your coffee and nibbling your cake, or borrow them to take home (using the self-service check-out machine in one corner).

The food is made on the premises and very delish, the staff are very friendly and helpful, there’s free wi-fi,  and the view out over the park from the terrace is gorgeous.

Rowntree Park, York, viewed from the terrace of the Reading Café

Rowntree Park, York, viewed from the terrace of the Reading Café

The first day I was there, a couple of weeks ago,  it was beautiful weather and the café was full of people of all ages (and lots of prams!) I was there again this week, being interviewed by The Press for an article they are writing about my Buzzing! book. This time the weather wasn’t so good. In fact, the park had to be closed whilst I was there because of rising flood waters. (You may have heard there’s been a bit of flooding here over the past few days …)

The flooding may take some time to subside, but the café will be remaining open (accessible from the Richardson Street park entrance) as it’s on high ground, way above the rest of the park.

And this is good news, as I’m scheduled to be putting on a Buzzing! event in the Reading Café (with Park Ranger Rachel Bell) very soon  – next  Saturday 6 October, in fact. So, whatever the weather that day, the Reading Café should be buzzing – with poems, projected images, music, Buzzing! book signings and minibeast craft activities.

You can find out more about the Buzzing! event here. It’s for 7-12-year-olds (accompanied by an adult/s). Tickets are free, but please book in advance, either in person at the Reading Café or by emailing rowntreepark.readingcafe@york.gov.uk

Hope to see you at the café on 6 October. And meanwhile you can check out my Buzzing! book there over a nice hot cup of tea, or a steaming bowl of soup, or whatever else takes your fancy on their menu …

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Thank You Le Cateau Primary School!

I’d like to say a big Thank You to the pupils at Le Cateau Primary School in North Yorkshire. Why? Well, for three very important reasons.

Firstly for welcoming me so warmly to their school on World Book Day this year. I greatly enjoyed performing my Buzzing! poetry show for them and then putting on poetry workshops with them afterwards.

World Book Day logo

World Book Day logo

Secondly for writing me such wonderful, beautifully illustrated, letters after my visit.

An excerpt from a Le Cateau pupil 'Thank You' letter

An excerpt from a Le Cateau pupil ‘Thank You’ letter

Read more Le Cateau pupil ‘Thank You’ letters to Anneliese Emmans Dean of theBigBuzz (pdf)

And last, but by no means least, for solving the conundrum of  my Buzzing! book subtitle.

You see, when I went to Le Cateau School, everything was ready for my book – except the subtitle. You can find out more about the hunt for the Buzzing! subtitle here. As you’ll hear in the audio clip in that blogpost, the pupils of Le Cateau voted overwhelmingly for ‘Discover the Poetry in Garden Minibeasts’ as the best subtitle for Buzzing! And so … that is the subtitle the publishers and I decided on.

My Buzzing! book has just been published, so I can now reveal to you the title page – complete with subtitle (as chosen by Le Cateau pupils):

Title page of 'Buzzing! - Discover the Poetry in Garden Minibeasts', by Anneliese Emmans Dean

Title page of ‘Buzzing! – Discover the Poetry in Garden Minibeasts’, by Anneliese Emmans Dean

You can order your copy of my Buzzing! book here.

Cover of 'Buzzing! - Discover the Poetry in Garden Minibeasts' by Anneliese Emmans Dean

Cover of ‘Buzzing! – Discover the Poetry in Garden Minibeasts’ by Anneliese Emmans Dean

I’d like to thank Sheila Silvester of North Yorkshire County Council and Mrs Cafferty of Le Cateau Primary School for organising my visit. Thank you also to all the other Le Cateau teachers and teaching assistants for making me so welcome. Thank you too to Nicola Loxdale of Brambleby Books.

If you’d like your primary school to be Buzzing! for a day, contact me!

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