Literary Limerick No. 3

Today’s literary limerick was inspired by former Children’s Laureate Michael Rosen’s visit to York Festival of Ideas yesterday. He was talking about his new book on Zola. The novel in today’s literary limerick isn’t a Zola novel, but it is a French novel that Michael Rosen knows well.

How do I know he knows it? Because it was my parents who taught it to him when he was doing A-level French at school, and they were his teachers.

Here’s the limerick. Can you guess the novel?

In a comment to this blog some years back, Michael Rosen said that studying this book and ‘La Symphonie Pastorale’ with them was: ‘Some of the best education I ever had’.

Stop press: The limerick got the Michael Rosen seal of approval on Twitter!

Here is Michael Rosen with my mum, after yesterday’s York Festival of Ideas event. During the event, he let the audience know she was there, and they gave her a round of applause!

Michael Rosen with his former French teacher, my Mum.

Michael Rosen at York Festival of Ideas with his former French teacher, my Mum.

It’s good to know, when you’re 85, that your former pupils remember you, and that you made a difference to their lives.

Meanwhile, if you’ve got the literary limerick bug, check out my literary limerick page. Can you name the books featured there?

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New poetry CD: ‘2009 in Rhyme’

Out now! My ‘2009 in Rhyme’ CD, a recording of my live performance at King’s Manor in York in December 2009.

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2009 in Rhyme CD by Anneliese Emmans Dean

2009 in Rhyme CD by Anneliese Emmans Dean

This CD does what it says on the tin, i.e. it takes you through the events of 2009 in poems, and includes:

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New Statesman competition win!

I was leafing through the New Statesman magazine a few weeks ago, when I came across the following competition: readers were invited to write a limerick that encapsulated the plot of a novel or play. What a good idea!

I had great fun coming up with a bunch of such limericks, and I tried them out on the audience of my ‘2009 in Rhyme’ show on Thursday. The audience’s job was to identify each novel – which they were exceedingly good at, as you can hear in the audio clip below:

Then yesterday our copy of the New Statesman arrived, and lo and behold, this very limerick had won the competition – as you can see below. (Click on the image to view it at a larger size)

What did the New Statesman readership make of my limerick? Well, here’s one person’s view that I came across …

And you can now hear all the ‘novel’ limericks I came up with on my ‘2009 in Rhyme’ CD, recorded before a live audience. Can you guess the novels before the audience?

Anneliese Emmans