Finding treasure in Beverley

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: what I love most about putting on family workshops is seeing different generations working together. And they were certainly doing that in the family photography workshops I put on at the East Riding Treasure House in Beverley recently:

The Treasure House family photography workshop

The Treasure House family photography workshop. (Photos by Sarah Hammond)

Now, whilst the Treasure House is teeming with treasures on the inside (do go and visit – it’s a gem of a place!), you’ll have noticed from these photos that there are not a lot of treasures in the outside space. It’s by a busy road, and there are some flower tubs, a front border and a bit of green by the side.

And you’d think, given that these were nature photography workshops, that this would have posed somewhat of a problem. However, it didn’t stop our talented photography families:

Taking photos outside The Treasure House

Taking photos outside The Treasure House. (Photos by Sarah Hammond)

They put into practice my Top-Secret photography technique, and in so doing found all sorts of things to take fabulous photos of.

James is 14. Here are his favourite photos from the day:

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And Marco is 7. Here are his favourite photos from the day:

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My favourites from the photos Marco took are these (which I’ve cropped a little):

My favourite photos taken by 7-year-old Marco

My favourite photos taken by 7-year-old Marco

You see – you don’t need to live in Kew Gardens to take great nature photos. Look carefully in a grass verge or a municipal flower tub, and you’ll be amazed at what’s there.

Now, back to the treasures inside the Treasure House. Well, they were of two types. Firstly, something I treasured was seeing so many people, of all ages, milling enthusiastically round the exhibitions (and café!)

And talking of exhibitions, the other big treasure for me that day was the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition, which was on tour from the Natural History Museum in London. Indeed, that was the reason I was at the Treasure House – to put on photography workshops to inspire the Wildlife Photographer of the Year winners of the future.

It was Sarah Hammond, Education Officer at the Treasure House, who asked me to come and put on these photography workshops – plus two more in local schools. (You can see the amazing photos the children took in the school workshops here and here.) So a big Thank You to her for inviting me, and for all her organisational work. (And for taking the photos at the top of this post.)

Both of my Treasure House workshops were fully booked, and I’d like to thank all the people who came along and took part – and gave such lovely feedback afterwards, some of which you can read below:

Infectious enthusiasm of Anneliese is wonderful, well done’

‘I just want to say it was EPIC!!! Thank you!!!’

‘Anneliese was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. The techniques she taught were straightforward and her manner was encouraging. Thank you for a lovely afternoon.’

‘A very interesting and educational way to spend Saturday afternoon.’

‘Anneliese is so passionate about her work, it is very contagious.’

‘We like how we got a lot of tips’

‘I learnt how to use a camera!’

If you’d like me to put on a nature photography workshop for families at your venue, you can find out more here, and you can email me here.

Meanwhile, here’s to Wildlife Photographer of the Year winners from East Yorkshire in the future!

Anneliese Emmans Dean – theBigBuzz




Terrific Technologies at St Anthony’s Primary School

It was Terrific Technologies week at St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School in Leeds last week, and I went along one afternoon to teach Year 4 how to take photos using my BigBuzz Photography Technique and my digital cameras. The children caught on fast. Very fast! Take a look at some of the terrific photos they took in their school grounds:

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It’s amazing what you can find on a cold, grey afternoon in February when you’re being observant, isn’t it?

What did the children think of the workshop? Well, more than one came up to me and said they now wanted to be a photographer when they grew up!

And what did form teacher Miss McGuire think about it all?

‘Thanks so much for the fabulous workshop. The children really loved it and I was so impressed by the quality of the photos they took!’

I was really impressed too! Congratulations to Year 4 for learning to use the terrific technology that is the digital camera so fast and so well. It’s a skill for life. Who knows where it will lead them?

If you’d like a BigBuzz photography workshop in your school, and you’re within an hour of York, then just get in touch.

And you can find out more about my photography workshops here and here .

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Photographing the darling buds of May

The theme chosen by Half Acres Primary School in Castleford for my photography workshops with them on Monday was ‘Signs of Summer’. However, this message clearly hadn’t percolated through to the relevant meteorological authorities, because the weather as I travelled down to them was appalling: driving, torrential rain and thunderous grey skies.

Fortunately, by the time Year 6 were ready to go on the photography missions I assigned them late morning, the rain had eased enough for us to be outside collecting material to photograph – albeit taking the actual photos under cover.

Taking photos undercover

Taking outdoor photos under cover

And when Year 5 went out in the afternoon, the sun decided to make a (brief) appearance, which meant that the children were able to find – and photograph – some fantastic minibeasts, amongst other things.

Young Half Acres photographers

Taking outdoor photos outdoors proper

I was very impressed by all the children I worked with at Half Acres. They got the hang of my Top Secret photography technique very quickly and put it into action in their school grounds enthusiastically.

The results? Well, here are a few of the – many – great photos they took:

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Well done to you all! I think Half Acres will be able to create their ‘Signs of Summer’ photography display after all!

Thank you to everyone at Half Acres who made my visit possible. Here’s to a sunny summer for us all …

If you’d like a photography workshop for your primary school, do get in touch. I’m afraid I won’t be able to guarantee good weather for my visit to you, but your pupils will learn a skill for life in a workshop that enhances their observational, motor, teamwork, art and IT skills, increases their confidence and their curiousity and knowledge about their surroundings, and leaves you with a bank of great photos – and great budding photographers.

‘I’m going to go out tomorrow lunchtime and look for more minibeasts on the playing field.’ Year 5 pupil

‘I’m going to go to my grandma’s house tonight and take pictures of her garden. She’s got lots of flowers.’ Year 5 pupil

Anneliese Emmans Dean –

Spring at Ackton Pastures

Spring is here! And Years 5 and 6 at Ackton Pastures Primary School in Castleford have been out taking photos to prove it.

I had the pleasure of spending a couple of days with them this week, teaching them my Top Secret photography technique. Which they put into practice with great gusto!

As you can see, they were taking photos high:

Taking photos of the Spring at Ackton Pastures Primary School

Taking photos of the Spring at Ackton Pastures Primary School

and low:

Taking photos of the Spring at Ackton Pastures Primary School

Taking photos of the Spring at Ackton Pastures Primary School

and came up with some fabulous pictures:

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Most of these children had never picked up a camera before. I was very impressed by how quickly they learned, how well they worked together as teams outdoors and, of course, by the photos they took.

Taking photos of the Spring at Ackton Pastures Primary School

Taking photos of the Spring at Ackton Pastures Primary School

Miss Coggill, their Head Teacher, wanted them to come up with photos for a display in school. I think it’s going to be a wonderful display!

Congratulations to all the children who took part in the workshops. I hope they will enjoy putting their new-found skills into practice more and more.

Thank you to the staff at Ackton Pastures who welcomed me so warmly and were so helpful during my time with them. (See staff feedback here.) Thank you too to the good folk at Fulford Framing in York for the viewfinders they generously provided for the children. The biggest thanks of all goes to the sun, for deciding to come out *just* when we needed it – two days running!

If you’d like your pupils to learn my Top Secret photography technique, then please get in touch.

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to a return visit to Ackton Pastures next year!

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A poem for the BBC World Service

It’s not every day that I get asked to write and perform a poem to be heard by 50 million people around the world. But that’s exactly what happened this week.

The BBC World Service’s flagship environment programme, One Planet, commissioned me to write a poem about the wildlife of my home city, York, here in England. My poem is included in this week’s programme, broadcast to coincide with an important UN biodiversity conference taking place in Japan.

In my poem, ‘My Biodiverse City’, I highlight some of the wildlife wonders that so enrich my life in York – including the stunning Tansy beetle, which is only found along the banks of the river Ouse here.

Tansy beetle in York. Photo © Anneliese Emmans Dean

Tansy beetle in York. Photo © Anneliese Emmans Dean

York is justly famous around the world for its history, but less so for its natural history. It was great to have the opportunity to celebrate some of the wildlife we have here too.

You can hear me performing ‘My Biodiverse City’ at the One Planet page of the BBC’s website (click on the 28.10.10 episode), or as an audioboo here. And there are some photos of mine to accompany the poem at One Planet’s flickr pages.

And if you’d like to find out more about the wildlife of York – in verse – then come along to my award-winning Buzzing! show, which celebrates just that in poetry, music and projected images. I perform versions for adults, for families and for schools.

Anneliese Emmans

Lord Deramore’s Science Week 2010

Congratulations to the pupils at Lord Deramore’s Primary School in Heslington on their Science Week achievements. All the school, from Early Years upwards, took part, and I was lucky enough to be present at their final assembly, where each class demonstrated some of what they’d learnt.

I spent two days at the school as part of their Science Week, working with Years 1 through to 5. I discovered  that Years 1 and 2 make very good millipedes, Years 3 and 4 are excellent budding wildlife photographers, and Year 5 is bursting with strong voices and acting and artistic talent.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here are some of the amazing photos Years 3 and 4 took using my top-secret Wildlife Photography Technique that I taught them:

Painted Lady butterly photographed by Lord Deramore Primary pupil, 11.6.10

Painted Lady butterfly photographed by Lord Deramore Primary pupil, 11.6.10

Harlequin ladybird larva photographed by Lord Deramore Primary pupil, 11.6.10

Harlequin ladybird larva photographed by Lord Deramore Primary pupil, 11.6.10

The children were very observant, finding butterflies,  ladybird larvae, snails, a lacewing, spiderlings, caterpillars, and even a mystery beetle (which I’m still trying to identify) in their school grounds.

And here are some of the performers in Year 5’s rendition of my eco-musical about climate change called Go MAD! – which they learnt in just one day! As you’ll see, they each made a ‘comedy’ or ‘tragedy’ mask for the performance.

Year 5 go MAD! performers, Lord Deramore's Primary School, 11.6.10

Year 5 go MAD! performers, Lord Deramore's Primary School, 11.6.10

Go MAD! performers at Lord Deramore School, 11.6.10

Go MAD! performers at Lord Deramore's School, 11.6.10

I was lucky enough to be part of their Science Week last year too (find out more), and I’d like to thank them for inviting me back this year.

Some of you may know that Lord Deramore’s is the primary school I went to when I was a child, so I have  very soft spot for it …I’m pleased to be able to report that it’s still a very special school, full of  smiling, enthusiastic and helpful staff and children alike. I very much enjoyed my two days there this week.

Anneliese Emmans

Beautiful Lealholm!

The children of Lealholm Primary School in the North York Moors National Park are extraordinarily lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country.

The view from Lealholm Primary School

The view from Lealholm Primary School

And I was extraordinarily lucky to be invited to spend a day with them yesterday.

Anneliese at Lealholm Primary School, North Yorkshire

Anneliese at Lealholm Primary School, North Yorkshire

After a Buzzing! performance for the whole school in the morning, the infants and I went on a Rhyme Time Ramble round their playground and field. The beady-eyed children spotted bees and a 7-spot ladybird and a painted lady butterfly, amongst other wildlife wonders.

Then in the afternoon, I revealed my Top-Secret Photography Technique to the juniors, and we all went outside to take photos. And what amazing photos these children did take! Photos of bees and flies and beetles and flowers and snails …

Here are a few of the photos that Mattie, Charlotte and Emma took. Aren’t they great?

One of the photos taken by Mattie, Charlotte and Emma

Taken by juniors at Lealhom Primary School

Another of the photos taken by Mattie, Charlotte and Emma

All the children were very observant, and found a fascinating variety of creatures to photograph. Charles Darwin would have been proud of them!