Fearless explorers!

I went on a Lexical Expedition on Wednesday of last week with Mr Green’s Year 6 class at Archbishop of York’s Junior School in Bishopthorpe. The pupils were very brave as we set off on our journey to discover creatures unknown to science. And what amazing creatures they came up with! Kool Kiera discovered The Iggle Poggle, Alex unearthed The Wooga Woga Booma, and Jessica revealed the Puffy Fluff to us all. Humorous Hugh found the Taiky-Tabs Monster, Constipated Connor came across the Kie Koo Da Koo, and Jazzy Joseph did battle with The Killer Kraken – and survived to tell the tale.

The children also drew pictures of the creatures they had discovered. Some of them looked scary, and some cuddly; some were smelly (Katie’s Gas-e-cus is one I would steer clear of, for example), and some were just plain weird!! It’s amazing what creatures are out there, when you are brave enough to set off on an expedition to find them ….

Some thank you notes from Archbishop of York’s junior school

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Talking of creatures that are out there, two days later, Mr Green phoned me to say that the school caretaker had discovered an amazing moth that morning on one of the main doors. He said it looked like it came from outer space. Did I know what it was? From Mr Green’s description, it sounded like a hawkmoth of some sort. He emailed me a photo, and it was indeed an Elephant Hawkmoth (Deilephila elpenor). I can see why they were all so excited about their discovery. Take a look for yourselves. Isn’t it fabulous?!

Elephant Hawkmoth at Archbishop of York’s Junior School in Bishopthorpe, June 2007

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