Grown-up Feedback

Buzzing! entertainment for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust 2017 AGM

‘ I was so impressed Anneliese Emmans Dean I bought her book & C.D. & am going to get the school were I work to book her. What an inspiration to all ages.’ Bumblebee Conservation Trust member 

Buzzing! show for Easingwold and District U3A

‘Absolutely stunning!’ U3A member

Buzzing! for the River Foss Society’s 40th Birthday

‘We were treated to a first class entertainment by Anneliese … You had to be there to experience Anneliese turning a perfect evening into a special event, appropriate for a 40th anniversary. Roll on the 50th, all of us would like her back then, if not before.’ River Foss Society, York

Flying High!

‘Hugely enjoyable. I was crying with laughter.’ Jane, YOC


‘The best talk ever!’ Margaret, Ladies Luncheon Club, Leeds

Flying High!

‘We have many interesting speakers, but none are as entertaining as Anneliese!’ Burnholme Gardening Group, York

 Rhymes of the Times 

‘Immensely enjoyable’ John Taylor 

‘Made me forget all my aches and pains.’

‘Wonderful.’ Ann Petherick

‘Utterly enjoyable. So glad I came!’ Hanna Fife

Rhyme and Dine at Bedern Hall
York Food Festival

‘Thank you very much Miss Poetry Bird
These were the best rhymes I ever heard
I came here at my wife’s suggestion
And your rhymes really helped my digestion!’
Cap Fowles

Buzzing! by the River
U3A, York

‘A tour de force. You’re a national treasure, Anneliese!’
Alwyn Taylor, U3A, York

Bumblebee Conservation Trust

‘Brilliant – a unique, entertaining, informative and amusing take on the world of bumblebees and other garden insects.’ Professor Dave Goulson, Director, Bumblebee Conservation Trust

‘A great way to get big and little people enthused about buzzers …’ Jennifer Batty