School Feedback

Here’s some feedback from a selection of my school visits. Click on the links to find out more. And email me to discuss a poetry visit to your school.

Oatlands Junior School, Harrogate
March 2018 (World Book Day)

‘Thank you for a wonderful day of poetry … There was lots of great feedback … and the Y6s from my class who worked with you were full of enthusiasm.’
Mrs Wilkinson, Year 6 Leader & English Leader
‘Brilliant. I wish I could have spent the whole day with you.’
Year 6 Teacher

The Grammar School at Leeds (Junior School)
March 2018

‘WOW – What a fantastic day’
Year 4 teachers

St Barnabas CE Primary School, York
February 2018

‘Thanks again for an inspirational day and the follow-on resources. Your sessions were so engaging and interactive and brought poetry to life. There has already been some brilliant poetry in classes as a result of your input.’
Karen Boardman, Headteacher

Outwood Primary Academy, Ledger Lane
National Poetry Day 2017

‘The children were ‘buzzing’ and the staff too. It was a lovely way to spend NPD so thank you! I’ve had very positive feedback from the Y5 workshops  … The Year 3/4 workshops were pitched well and I think the children gained a lot over the sessions. They will definitely remember today.’

The Federation of Snape Community and Thornton Watlass CE Primary Schools
To tie in with ‘Animals & their Habitats’ topic

June 2017

‘Wonderful … I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.’
Jill Ball, KS1/Science Teacher

Norton Community Primary School
Poetry performance and workshops to kickstart their Book and Science week
March 2017 

‘Excellent content which really enthused the children about the topic. There was good interaction with the children and they participated fully. In the classroom afterwards there was a lot of discussion about the content.’
Year 5 Teacher

Driffield Junior School
Poetry Performance followed by Year 6 Poetry Writing Workshops
November 2016 

‘Anneliese was great. She was so happy and energetic. Before she came I didn’t like poems but now I love writing them. It was awesome.’
Thomas, Year 6

‘I liked that Anneliese made all animals sound so interesting. It was very inspirational.’
Tyler, Year 6

Bolton-on-Swale St Mary’s CE Primary School, North Yorkshire
Poetry Performance followed by Poetry Writing + Performing Workshops
June 2016

‘This session (in which the children were writing minibeast poems) was brilliantly modelled with enthusiasm and fantastic creativity/subject knowledge. As a result the children were excited, inspired and consequently wrote poems of a very high standard.’
Mrs Jones, Year 5/6 teacher

‘A very inspiring morning! All children were engaged and took an active role when learning the rhymes.’
Victoria Moodie, Reception teacher

Osbaldwick Primary School, York
Poetry Performance followed by Poetry Writing + Performing Workshops
World Book Day, March 2016

‘Fantastic workshop. The children were heavily involved and really enjoyed creating (and performing) their own poem.’
Emma Mowatt, Year 6 teacher

Hague Bar Primary School, Derbyshire
Poetry Performance followed by Poetry Writing + Performing Workshops
June 2015

‘Thank you for your brilliant assembly and workshops. We would all highly recommend you to other schools.’
Jacinta Robinson, Literacy co-ordinator

‘A fantastic haiku workshop! All of the children were fully engaged and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Every child produced something to be proud of.’
Leah Jackson, Year 3/4 teacher

Bolton-on-Swale St Mary’s CE Primary School, North Yorkshire
Poetry Performance followed by Poetry Writing + Performing Workshops
March 2015

‘The quality of what you shared and delivered was excellent.’
Nicola Dobson, Headteacher

Byron House, St John’s College School, Cambridge
Poetry Performances followed by Poetry Writing + Performing Workshops
World Book Day, March 2015

Staff feedback:
‘The best author visit we’ve had.’

Pupil feedback:
‘I loved the way Anneliese acted and the way her voice matched the insect and the way she remembered all those poems that she’d written.’

‘I loved Anneliese’s visit as she was so inspiring.’

‘I loved Anneliese’s storytelling in her Buzzing! show and I liked learning more about minibeasts.’

‘I liked Anneliese because she said that if you want to remember something you should write a poem about it. I think that’s really clever.’

Driffield Junior School
Poetry Performance followed by Poetry Writing Workshops
On the theme of ‘Inventions and Inventors’
November 2014

‘A great session – perfectly tailored to the curriculum and children’s needs. Anneliese left the children with a bank of ideas to work with. The [performance] poems [she taught the class] will be performed throughout the year.’
Helen Mudd, Year 6 teacher

‘Very inspiring! You had the children hooked in your performances.’
Steven Addy, Year 6 teacher

Ackton Pastures Primary School, Castleford
Practical Photography Workshops
April 2014

‘Well organised, super resources, good range/balance of activities so children focused and on task. Super photographs taken by the children.’
Amanda Lovell, Year 6 teacher

‘An excellent afternoon where not only the pupils learnt new skills but so did I as a teacher. The pupils were all engaged and took some marvellous photographs.’
Gavin Jefferson, Year 5 teacher

Birchfields Primary School, Manchester
Poetry Performance followed by Limerick Writing Workshops
For their Cornerstones Beast Creator Project
February 2014

‘Anneliese’s delivery was pitch perfect for our minibeasts project, kicking off a week of poetry that the children will always remember. Keeping in touch with Anneliese afterwards, as our work developed across subjects, gave the children a real-world purpose and reason to write. Having such an expert in school wasn’t an addendum to our Cornerstones project, but a vital enhancement. A real pleasure to work with, thank you!’
Jamie Lang, Year 5 teacher

Year 5 pupils:

‘she was really funny because she used different voices and sounds’

‘when I maked a poem it was cool’

‘the limericks were fantastic’

‘It helped me so much because she explained a different type of poem so now i am being able to right a poem (limerick)’

‘she was very funny and made every one laugh’

‘Anneliese is a very fantastic poet!’

Braeburn Junior School, Scarborough
Poetry Performance followed by Poetry Writing Workshops
June 2013

‘A wonderful interactive session that engaged the children and produced great poetry. Perfectly pitched.’
Helen Mudd, Year 3 teacher and English communications and language subject leader

Skipton Ings Primary School, North Yorkshire
Poetry Performance followed by Poetry Writing Workshops
March 2013

‘Fantastic – children were so engaged and excited. The children all learnt something and I am sure they will talk about it for weeks to come.’
Miss Little, KS2 Teacher (Years 3-6)

Askrigg Primary School, North Yorkshire
Poetry Performance follwed by Poetry Writing Workshops
February 2013

‘A great day was had by all! Anneliese inspired the children with fun rhymes and facts. Her book will be treasured forever!’
Matthew Armstrong, Y1/Y2 teacher

Le Cateau Primary School: Buzzing! performance + workshops
North Yorkshire, World Book Day, March 2012

Staff feedback:
‘I think the pupils got so much from your  visit and the Y4 teachers especially were grateful as they saw so much learning as a result of you input; so thanks again!!’

Year 4 pupils:
‘Take my opinyon you are brill … you Rock’

‘Thank you for sharing your brilliant poems. I loved your poems.’

‘You were exiting and funny. I wish you could come back here to teach us more about bugs and insects.’

‘I really enjoyed you spending time and I enjoyed EVERYTHING!’

‘What you taught me really sunk into me and it will stay there.’

‘Thank you for your inspirational fantastic lesson.’

‘Hope you come again soon.’

Read some Le Cateau pupil ‘Thank You’ letters (pdf)

Cradley Primary School: Buzzing! performance + workshops
Herefordshire, November 2011

‘Poet and photographer Anneliese Emmans Dean entertained us all with her brilliant Buzzing! show – a selection of her wonderful poems and stunning photographs with musical interludes. We also learned quite a bit of science along the way!’
Cradley News

Tregelles, The Mount Junior School: Buzzing! performance + workshops
York, March 2010

Feedback from Year 5 pupils:

‘I could have stayed there for another hour to listen. I have never been so interested about insects before, but after you came in I was looking in my garden for one hour.’ Holly

‘I can’t wait till all the creatures come out again! I am going to try to make a discovery that has never been made before just like you.’ Mairead

‘Thank you for my incredible morning and afternoon!’ Phoebe

‘I found your poems very histerical and the way you spoke your poems were adorably enthustic!’ Coraleigh

Read feedback letters from Tregelles pupils (pdf)

South Otterington Primary School: Buzzing! performance + workshops
South Otterington, 26 February 2009

Feedback from Year 5 and 6 pupils:

‘I personly think that you are the best poet in the world’

‘All your poetry was absolutely brill!’

‘We were amazed and inspired by your magnificent poetry’

‘You are increadible at poetry. I really enjoyed your visit it was great’

Read more pupil feedback from South Otterington Primary School (pdf)

Ledbury Poetry Festival – Schools’ Workshops

25 November 2008, Ledbury

‘The schools were treated to a fantastic experience, as your approach was instructive, entertaining and totally inspiring. Quite an achievement … A memorable experience for the students.’
Fran Bradley, Poets in Schools Coordinator, Ledbury Poetry Festival, on my ‘Word Wizard Workshop’ with Year 5/6 children

‘A fabulous afternoon. The children loved it! You sparked their creative juices. Thank you so much.’
Mrs Allard, Much Marcle C of E Primary on my ‘Word Wizard Workshop’

St Oswald’s Primary School
York, 23 September 2008

‘Great! I have a personal passion in promoting “Fun with Nature”. Your performance was a great way to create interest and awareness and impart facts. It was rockin!’
June Coates, Teacher, on my Buzzing! performance

‘We have enjoyed a very interesting and creative morning. Our Year 3 children responded with great enthusiasm and were really engaged in all the activities involved. We were inspired!’
Jane Stinson, Year 3 Teacher, on my ‘Lexical Expedition’ poetry workshop
‘Thank you for coming to our school. I am from St Oswalds. I really enjoyed your visit. You performed the poems really well. Hope you come back to our school!!!’

I really enjoyed you coming to st oswalds school. Some of the poems you acted out were really funny and cool. You can do really good acsents for the creatures, hehe! Id love you to come again!:)’

NYBEP Science Day Buzzing! workshops
Scarcroft Primary School
Thursday 3 July 2008

‘You could have heard a pin drop!’
 Year 5/6 Teacher

‘The session was very informative, fun, lively and kept the children’s interest throughout. I’m sure they have learnt alot. Thank you.’
Year 5/6 Teacher

‘You’re well good at poems, you are.’
Year 5 pupil (boy)

Lord Deramore’s Primary School, Heslington
Year 6 Poetry Workshop
22 June 2007

‘Thanks for the superb workshop. The children have been really fired up about it.’
Peter Heale, Year 6 Teacher

Archbishop of York’s C.E. Junior School, York
Year 6 Poetry Workshop
27 June 2007

‘Thank you once again for the brilliant work you did with the class today. They were literally ‘buzzing’ with excitement. The letter that Francesca wrote on behalf of the class sums up their opinions and you can be assured that this is a true and honest opinion.’
Mr Green, Form Teacher


The Boyle and Petyt School, Beamsley, North Yorkshire
Buzzing! performances and workshops, 6 June 2007

‘It was funny, humorous, amusing and she never let us be bored.’
Lauren, age 8


More pupils’ feedback (pdf)

‘The children were collecting bugs and looking closely at them for days after your visit – so it really was an inspiring visit.’
Imogen Addy, Head Teacher

‘You really inspired the children in their poetry writing and in the concept of “performance poetry”.’
Karen Bryant, Year 3 & 4 teacher

‘Everyone at school thoroughly enjoyed your inspiring visit – we’d be very happy to recommend you to other venues.’
Margaret Longden, School Administrator

St Nicholas Fields Environment Centre
 Buzzing! performance for a class from
Archbishop of York’s CE Junior School,
22 March 2007

‘Thank you so much for the brilliant performance. It was magnificent – Science and Art in an Hour! The children were totally engaged and totally inspired! It also inspired me as a teacher! Congratulations and many thanks – I will certainly tell others about your great show.’
Jonathan Green, Deputy Head, Archbishop of York’s CE Junior School

‘A brilliant way of celebrating the world of creepy crawlies and allowing children to engage with nature without the usual ‘urghs’ and ‘yucks’. I can highly recommend this as the class sat enraptured throughout.’
Keely Mellor, York Rotters Officer, St Nicholas Fields Environment Centre

St Piran’s School
Buzzing! performance, Maidenhead, 28 February 2007

‘The show was way cool. I liked the poem about charlie the earthworm
Kendra, Year 5

‘The poems were awasome. Espicially the charlie was the earth worm.’
Manami, Year 5

‘A resounding success and as Manami and Kendra have both commented,  I regularly hear “Charlie is an earthworm” as I walk round school. My favourites were Doug the slug, with his distinctive York accent and the 22 spot ladybird. How you remember all the words is a mystery and they are delivered with such speed and clarity. Not a single mistake!! Anyone wondering whether this would be suitable for their school should contact Anneliese without delay. The pupils (aged 9 to 12) were spellbound and their vocabulary most definitely enriched. Come back when you’ve written your next volume!’
Clare Howard-Vyse, Form Teacher and Head of Maths

‘hello I loved your poem and the picture of the insect.’
Prajive, Year 7