Lockdown Nature 26: Nestbuilding

Are the birds nestbuilding where you are? When our path becomes strewn with moss from our gutter, we know that we have a Blackbird looking for nesting material.

Our path in mid-March, strewn with moss that a female Blackbird has turfed out of our gutter

Here’s my poem about a nestbuilding Blackbird. I’d love to see your performance of it! Share it on Twitter @theBigBuzzNews, on facebook or email it to me (theBigBuzz@gmail.com).

You may remember a version of this video I created when we first went into lockdown in March of 2020. I’ve got a tiddly bit better at videos since then, which is why I’ve created this version for you here. If you are so minded, you can watch the original emergency lockdown version – to compare and contrast – here.

Watch more of my nature videos, created for you and your kids/pupils, here.

Listen to the bird song of all the birds that feature in my Flying High! book here.

And get your hands on your copy of my award-winning Flying High! book, which contains loads more bird poems and facts, here.

Cover of my Flying High! book

Anneliese Emmans Dean – theBigBuzz – Bringing poetry to life


  1. The birds always help themselves to the moss from Mrs Turnstone’s hanging baskets. This year we left a tray of moss on the garden table – but they still went for the hanging baskets!

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