It’s official: singing is good for you! (Find out more) And it’s even better when you’re helping to save the planet at the same time. TheBigBuzz eco-musicals will help you do just that!

Choose from two BigBuzz eco-musicals:

1. Compost! The (mini-)Musical – A Composition about Decomposition (and national award winner)

2. Go M.A.D.! (Make A Difference) – A Global Warming Warning

TheBigBuzz eco-musicals can be:

  • sung by children and/or adults
  • learned and/or performed at schools, clubs, festivals and other events
  • learned and/or performed indoors or out
  • learned quickly (in as little as 30 minutes!) or slowly (e.g. over a whole term).

Neither teachers nor participants need to be able to read music. (Though sheet music is included in the Teaching Packs for those who can.)

There are 2 options for learning the musicals:

1. I can come to your school/event and teach the eco-musicals.
email me for details

2. You can learn the eco-musicals yourselves using theBigBuzz Teaching Packs, which include lyrics, song sheets and a resource CD. These teaching materials are available to order from theBigBuzz store.

For more information, see theBigBuzz Eco-Musicals FAQs.


Buy your BigBuzz eco-musical Teaching Packs here!