Flying High! book reviews

Cover of Flying High! by Anneliese Emmans DeanHere are some reviews of my book Flying High!

The Press: ‘Glorious … will delight children and young-at-heart adults alike … What makes the book so special is the sheer joy, fun and enthusiasm Anneliese brings to her versions of common British birds.’
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British Trust for Ornithology (BTO): ‘BTO’s vision is “a world inspired by birds and informed by science” and with this in mind one could be forgiven for thinking that “Flying High” was written to support our strategy! It hits a beautifully sweet spot, effortlessly combining very entertaining but informative poetry with lovely photographs and bite-sized but accurate facts. It is a book that adults and children alike will learn from and enjoy, and it lends itself very well to ‘dipping in’, either just for fun, or as a reference book … With trademark good humour, Anneliese brings each species to life, capturing the essence and adding sparkle and shimmer … Highly recommended.’
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Mark Avery: ‘This is said to be a book for young people but I enjoyed it a lot and at the very least it is a book that young and old could enjoy together … I found myself smiling as I read … poems here … They contain a lot of the truth about the birds they celebrate, portray and introduce. This is a delightful book and one which will be enjoyed by young people of all ages.’
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